Extended fellowship paves the way for continued collaborative research

Categories: School of Health and Society

Dr Daiga Kamerāde, Reader in Work and Wellbeing and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Inclusive Society at the University of Salford’s School of Health and Society, has been reappointed for an another year as an Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge. 

This renewal marks the commencement of her sixth year in this esteemed position.

The collaborative opportunities and insights gained during Daiga’s tenure at Cambridge have not only significantly contributed to her professional development but have also enabled her to establish connections and bring valuable perspectives back to the University of Salford.

Notably, the fellowship played a pivotal role in the highly successful Employment Dosage project, a collaboration with Cambridge colleagues. The paper resulting from this project, which explored the question of how much paid work is beneficial for individuals, gained global media attention in 2019. 

Daiga has also been involved in several other papers examining whether quality or quantity of work matters more, the effects of a shorter working week on workers’ lives and their motives for working less, and a paper on the effects of furlough on workers’ wellbeing during Covid-19 pandemic. Building on this success, a ground-breaking four-day working week trial took place in the UK in 2022, involving 61 organisations, making it the largest trial of its kind in the world.

Now Daiga, along with newly appointed University Fellow David Frayne, who recently joined Salford from the University of Cambridge, is hoping to embark on a follow-up study of the four-day working week in UK organisations. This research initiative aims to build on the insights gained from the previous six-month trial and explore the longer-term implications and benefits of alternative working structures.

On her extended appointment, Daiga said: “I am delighted to be continuing with the fellowship for another year, and look forward to continuing my collaborative efforts with colleagues at the University of Cambridge, anticipating further ground-breaking research and innovative solutions in the realm of work and wellbeing.”

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