Expert opinion: Pre-departure testing required to travel to the UK

Categories: Salford Business School

Dr Neil Robinson, travel and tourism expert from the University of Salford Business School, comments as new restrictions on travel are due to come into force from next Monday. From then pre-departure testing will be required for all arrivals into the country.

Dr Robinson said: “As of next Monday, travellers entering the UK on flights will be required to show evidence of being tested prior to arrival and having a negative result.

“One could argue this should have been done months ago, but it is a step in the right direction. This mechanism itself is only as good as the authorities / aviation providers that administer the process and whilst fines are in place for those passengers not engaging with the process or flight provider not enforcing the tests, the whole process is heavily reliant on tightly administered systems.

“Also what about those passengers who might be flying via a number of key hubs or who fly with non-reputable aviation types? There is the potential for error and what about those arriving as foot passengers on ferries or other means of transportation.

“In the long run people could be reluctant to travel so there needs to be some kind of support package for the sector.” 

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