Expert comment: What does quarantine mean for travel industry?

Categories: Salford Business School

As the UK Government imposes quarantine restrictions on people returning from overseas, potentially from anywhere in the world, aviation and travel expert Dr Neil Robinson, of the University of Salford Business School, looks at what the impact might be on the sector and how it will affect out holiday plans.

Dr Robinson said: “Sadly no hols this year folks. Those of you who had dreams of boarding a jet plane and flying overseas this summer will be sorely disappointed. Whilst overseas travel will be possible the problems associated with pre-departure regulations and post-holiday quarantine, will make the notion of an overseas holiday too much hassle in the eyes of many.

“The impact will be severe. I suspect a number of aviation carriers will go out of business and the traditional high street travel agent will see a huge loss in business, possibly resulting in shop closure and bankruptcy. We have already seen the impact so far with Hays shutting dozens of their branches.

“I suspect as and when the lock down rules are slightly eased in this country the stay vacation / holidaying at home or days out in ones local vicinity will be booming.

“For me the step up in quarantine and the requirement to stay in a hotel post-holiday is a good idea and should have been sanctioned months ago. We sadly don’t have a template for CV-19 and therefore such measure are untested, but it’s a step in the right direction. Stay at home this summer, enjoy the UK at a safe distance, revenue from people holidaying in their own country will be music to the ears of the exchequer, depending if the shops, restaurants and pubs being allowed to open.”

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