Expert comment: cybersecurity concerns around the use of TikTok

Categories: Salford Business School

The UK Government recently banned the use of TikTok on parliamentary devices due to cybersecurity concerns, while Chief Executive, Shou Zi Chew, testified before US Congress to determine the app’s future in the US. In light of this news, Dr Mohammed Ali, Lecturer of Digital Business and Programme Leader in Business Management with Innovation and Technology at Salford Business School, shared his thoughts.

"Looking at the issue from a multi-perspective lens, although TikTok has been used to promote businesses, disseminate education, for entertainment purposes, and to get in touch with friends and family, it is capable of gathering user information, which is a form of intelligence collection and a breach of our private data. TikTok collects various types of user data, including email addresses, phone numbers, device IDs, locations, browsing histories, payment information, and physical addresses. This data could provide a comprehensive profile of an individual and thus increase the risk of identity fraud. Apps like TikTok are useful, but better cybersecurity measures and policies need to be implemented to secure our national data."

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