CYBERJUNK: Artist John Powell-Jones celebrates first solo exhibition at Castlefield Gallery

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

John Powell-Jones, a print making demonstrator in the School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology, has held his first major solo exhibition CYBERJUNK at Castlefield Gallery.

The must-see exhibition includes 3D and 2D animation, life-size characters, a comic book, ceramics and tufted wall hangings. His work is informed by the ways in which dominant ideologies and power structures influence our perceptions of reality.

John aims to form a dialogue with our present and an imagined dystopian future in which the horrors of capitalism and neoliberal ideology are present as cyborgs, demons and maggots.

Speaking about his interest in science fiction, John said: “I have been a big fan of sci-fi, horror and fantasy since a very young age, these are all genres that I'm still a real avid collector and consumer of, be it through film, literature, games, toys etc.”

The method of world bulling, specifically in science fiction is something that has a big influence on my practice, I'm drawn to the way in which complex timelines and universes can be presented over various platforms and mediums, allowing the audience to become fully immersed.”

He was approached by Castlefield Gallery (Manchester) and IMT Gallery (London) a couple of years ago about developing a joint presentation that could be linked over both spaces.

“Luckily it wasn't too badly affected by the pandemic as the work was already well into production, a couple of dates got moved around and I had to find alternatives production methods for some of the work due to accessibility but nothing too drastic,” John added.

Visiting his first solo exhibition in the flesh was a pivotal moment for John and he has had overwhelming feedback since launching.

When asked what is next for the talented artist, John replied: “I'm currently working on a new body of work that's acting as a kind of spin off to CYBERJUNK, it's in very early stages of developing characters and storyboarding, but initially I think this will take the form of a comic book and an interactive 3D digital artwork.”

The exhibition is showing at Castlefield Gallery until 19 December 2021. Read more about CYBERJUNK.

Image: Big CYBERJUNK Starter Set (2021). Image courtesy Jules Lister.

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