Coronavirus: impact on travel

Categories: Salford Business School

Dr Neil Robinson, Travel and tourism expert from the University of Salford Business School, offers advice to travellers as the Coronavirus continues to bite.

Dr Robinson said: “We have been here before with Ebola & Sars and it is important to remain positive, in the UK we have lots of resources to fight against this outbreak.

“But there are some key things travellers can do to mitigate any risks of airlines going bust etc

“Book on a credit card, not necessarily a 100% cover, but better in case the airlines go bust or cancels your flight, at lease you will have some come back.

“Get insurance now, but check the small print, is coronavirus covered, get it now, even if you have booked the flight and holiday.

“If flying with small infants and children, take the alcohol wipes and ensure all areas around you are clean, trays, head rests, seat arms and toilet handles, also ensure clean hands before and after using the toilet

“The worst case scenario is that flights are cancelled, borders closed, and there is impact on the free movement of workers but the UK is strong, we have fought against bigger adversaries.”

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