Comedian and academic Lisa Moore makes waves with new BBC Radio 4 series ‘Where to, Mate?’

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A new comedy series set in the back of taxi cabs is getting rave reviews. ‘Where to, Mate?’ explores the funny and revealing character-led conversations that take place in cabs across Greater Manchester every day.

Lisa Moore

Comedy and Performance Lecturer at the University of Salford, Lisa Moore plays a range of quirky passengers in the series which was recorded on location in a car in Manchester.

The series follows drivers Bernie (played by Jo Enright) and Ben (Peter Slater) as they eavesdrop on their taxi journeys around the North West. 

Where to, Mate?’ is already getting high acclaim in the likes of the Observer, The Times and influential comedy guide Chortle. Award-winning director Jason Wingard is behind the project, along with longstanding BBC comedy producer Carl Cooper.

When asked who her favourite character to play was, Lisa says the kooky faith-healer she plays in episode one. “She’s very spiritual and new age. All the characters are observational – they’re all based on real people,” she said.

Comedian Jason Manford has also praised Lisa on the series, saying “It’s great that this series will be featuring northern female comedy talent like Lisa. She’s a really versatile performer with a natural flair for observational comedy.” The pair met when Jason was studying Comedy Writing and Performance at Salford.

Lisa has been a longstanding champion of getting more women into the industry. “There’s still a lot of work to do,” she says. “But it’s important for female comics to just believe in themselves. The motivation comes from you – I’ve always tried to push myself.”

Lisa cites the likes of Julia Davis, Catherine Tate and Cathy Burke as being fellow female comedians who inspire her.

‘Where to, Mate?’ was recorded just before the UK went into lockdown and Lisa feels comedy has played an important role throughout the pandemic. “It’s important for people to laugh. The say laughter is the best medicine and it’s true – it can be like therapy.”

Lisa is planning to further examine the impact comedy has had on COVID-19 in a special conference next year. Currently in planning phase, the event will feature a mixed bill and be the third successful conference of its kind at the University of Salford.

Listen to ‘Where to, Mate?' on BBC now. 

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