Celebrating International Women’s Day: Spotlights on our fantastic alumni

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 we take pride in spotlighting some of our remarkable alumni, whose journeys inspire and empower others. PR and Digital Communications student Debbie Mezeh-Ekisowei spoke to two Salford alumni, now working in PR, who have inspired her during her course. 

Among them is Aisha Aro-Lambo who is currently the Project Manager at Wonderfully Made Woman, a charity organization that provides support for women and girls.

Aisha embarked on her academic journey from Nigeria to Salford, pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Relations and Digital Communications. Today, she stands as a Project Manager at Wonderfully Made Woman, utilizing her skills to make a positive impact in her community.

Aisha shares: "Starting my career in the UK as a Digital and Community Engagement Officer was a significant steppingstone for me. It allowed me to explore the intricacies of digital engagement and community building."

Her journey from a student to a Project Manager has been a testament to her dedication and the support she's received.

“I've had the opportunity to lead projects that not only deliver on their objectives but also positively impact the community."

When asked about her time at the University of Salford, she highlights the visible commitment to gender equality. She credits the presence of female tutors and the supportive environment for her growth.

She said: “We must challenge and unlearn limiting beliefs that confine us mentally. The journey towards breaking biases and creating inclusive environments is fraught with challenges, but recognizing the unique power and gift within you is key."

Inspired by Ehinor Otaigbe Amedu MBE, CEO of Wonderfully Made Woman, Aisha understands the transformative power of resilience and determination. 

“Her journey resonates deeply with me, reinforcing the belief that your background does not define your future. It is a powerful reminder that with belief and determination, you can change your narrative.”

Also a Salford alumna, Anna Georgieva currently works as a Senior Account Manager at Carousel PR and she epitomizes the essence of passion and perseverance in her career. With nearly six years of experience in PR agency life, she reflects on her journey with gratitude.

"I am where I wanted to be six years ago,” she said.

Her dynamic role exposes her to diverse projects, from global campaigns to local initiatives.

She believes in fostering gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of creating safe, respected, and listened-to environments for all genders. She encourages young women to pursue their ambitions fearlessly, echoing the sentiment, "Go for it and don't overthink it."

Anna said she has drawn inspiration from the strong female presence in her teams throughout her career. She acknowledges the expectations placed on women but celebrates their ability to exceed them.

“I have had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing women in my experience, not just in PR but also throughout university.”

“Having a strong female presence in any team is extremely inspiring and injects a different type of energy. For some reason, a lot more is expected from women, and I think we do a brilliant job of exceeding the expectations - certainly the ones I've had the pleasure to work with and learn from do, every day”, she shared.

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