Carer, graduate and now running a successful business – Mitch tells us how he does it

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Mitch Allmark (pictured) faced a number of challenges throughout his studies; his father unfortunately became ill and had to be treated in hospital, then the pandemic hit just as he was finishing his degree.

Mitch Allmark

He tells us how he overcame all of this to not only graduate, but also launch a successful online coaching business at the same time. He tells us how he did it.

“I studied Nutrition and Exercise as Medicine, it was the nutritional side of things that drew me in really. I had heard very good things about the university before coming here, and they were right! I especially loved the practical side of things within the course.
“My lecturers were a massive help in supporting me and showing me the ropes, and even helped me launch my online coaching business in May 2019. I set clients up with tailored meal plans and training plans; I’m basically a personal trainer like you see in the gym, but without having the constant pressure of someone staring over your shoulder!
“When I was in my final of studying, my father was admitted to hospital. I was travelling to see him twice a day every day, which didn’t allow much time for my coursework or lectures, so my studies took a bit of a hit. Balancing three jobs, university work and caring for my father was hard!

“In a strange way, Covid-19 actually helped my studies. Being isolated helped me to knuckle down and really put the time in towards my university work. By that time my father was out of the hospital so I could care for him and study at the same time without having to worry about anything else.
“It was definitely stressful, with plenty of late nights and early mornings, making sure I was prioritising what I needed to do and not wasting any time on pointless tasks. It has really helped me change for the better though. I feel more confident now that I know what to do in certain situations and how to deal with stress, as well as having a much clearer understanding of where I hope to go in my career. 

“I am hoping to go into dietetics alongside scaling my online coaching in 2021. I’m still working for my dad at the moment until he finds his feet, and then I can move onto my own journey.”
You can find Mitch’s coaching business on social media: Instagram - @mitch_allmark and Facebook - @TeamAllmark. 

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