Black Venus Beauty – Hair Loss Masterclass for Women’s History Month

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In honour of Women’s History month Manchester based beauty parlour, Black Venus Beauty, which specialises in products and treatments for curly and afro hair is hosting a masterclass on hair loss.

Taking place online through Zoom on 19 March, the event aims to cover the main types of hair loss, with significant coverage of the forms that are more common in black women.

The masterclass will be a combination of talks and Q&As from three expert keynote speakers who specialise in hair loss. They will be advising attendees on treatments and solutions to several types of

hair loss ranging from temporary hair loss after giving birth to traction alopecia and Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia.

Tickets start at £10 and are available through the Black Venus Beauty website.

Owner of Black Venus Beauty and event organiser Carole Guilmard, a University of Salford Alumnus, who has her own experience of hair loss, said: “Our masterclass wants to provide a safe space for women to have an open conversation about hair loss and give them the opportunity to seek expert advice from professionals.

“There’s a huge lack of help surrounding this issue, it’s almost seen as taboo, especially for black women.”

Carole explained that a GP and trichologist, Dr Ingrid Wilson, who is attending the event as a keynote speaker has had to take it upon herself to gain more knowledge surrounding hair loss, especially as only one week of training is dedicated to hair and skin conditions.

Other expert keynote speaker attending include Dermatology Registrar Dr Yemi Bello and hairdresser and afro and curly hair coach Gege Uboma.

Carole began the business back in 2019 after graduating with a MSc in Marketing from Salford. She was inspired to start the business after years of struggling to find the right products for her curly hair. 

Carole said: “I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling to find natural products for my hair type.

“After finding lots of independent brands which catered to this issue, I decided to create a platform where they would be easily accessed so that others can have access to products made by people who understand the specific needs of curly and afro hair.”

Carole was supported by the university business incubator Launch@ Salford.

Over the course of a 6-month period, members have access to facilities to help grow their business, guidance and support from advisors and grants.

Reflecting on her time as a Launch@ Salford member, Carole said: “It was a great experience.

“Launch@ provided the best support to help me navigate my business through the pandemic. Being a part of the incubator helped me to increase my online presence and figure out new ways to create content and market my business.”

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