BBC star and Salford graduate Katie Thistleton looks at the power of audio on mental health

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To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, the University of Salford is proud to support an online event on the power of radio and podcasts in partnership with the BBC and Audio Always.

The conversation will feature BBC Radio 1 Life Hack presenters, Salford graduate Katie Thistleton and Dr Radha.

Katie and Dr Radha’s podcast, ‘Life Hacks’, is getting record listening figures during Coronavirus times. And along with Cel Spellman, Katie's live Life Hacks show on BBC Radio 1 encourages young people across the UK to open up about their feelings.

But when downloads of House Party and Zoom are through the roof, why is audio such an important medium in communicating about mental health? And what tips and tricks can we learn from Katie and Dr Radha about what to do if lockdown is getting you down?

The event is chaired by Stuart Morgan, Managing Director of Audio Always, an award-winning audio production company based at MediaCityUK.

Sign up, then on Thursday at 5pm, head to MediaCityUK’s Facebook page and settle down for what promises to be an inspiring and upbeat 40 minutes, aimed at supporting our MediaCityUK community - particularly anyone who may be feeling a little lost at the moment.

You can submit your questions for Katie and Dr Radha in advance by emailing hello@mediacityuk.co.uk with your name and the area you work in (or would like to work in). The deadline to submit questions is by 12pm on Wednesday 20th May. 

Beth Hewitt, Creative Director - Media City Directorate at the University of Salford said: "Katie has given great support to the University of Salford and its students over the years and in 2018, we were delighted that Katie hosted our Nations and Regions: Media Futures event with radio presenter and journalist, Darryl Morris for the School of Arts and Media."

Katie's new series 'I've Been There' is also available to watch on BBC iPlayer. In the first episode Connor Ball, bassist of boyband The Vamps, surprises two fans and opens up about his own mental health to help them deal with their own anxiety. The series is made by Nine lives Media, whose CEO Cat Lewis was awarded an Honary Doctorate from Salford in 2017, and is directed by alumnus Sunny Kang. 

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