Award winning University spin-out company launches latest AI audio enhancing software

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

The University of Salford has been pioneering teaching, research, and commercial work in acoustics for five decades and is home to the industry-renowned Acoustic Research Centre.  Salsa Sound, a spin-out company from Salford Acoustics, has launched new software that will give sports fans an immersive and enhanced audio experience regardless of whether they are watching content on a big screen or via social media on a mobile device.

The origins of Salsa Sound’s latest software, MIXaiR 2.0, comes from research carried out at University of Salford which was the subject of an academic REF impact case study with the findings continuing to generate real-word impact.

Dr Ben Shirley, Audio Production Programme Leader at the University of Salford and Director of Salsa Sound said: “We are thrilled to finally launch MIXaiR 2.0 after many months of development work. Our all-new software uses AI to produce multiple simultaneous automated mixes for multiple platforms or different audiences, all compliant to appropriate loudness standards. It’s terrific to see Salford’s acoustics research expertise implemented in cutting edge real-world technologies.”

The company is known for being an innovator in AI-based audio mixing technology, with this latest update taking automated mixing using AI to the next level. MiXaiR 2.0 is broadcast-ready and is being implemented for multiple sports as a cloud-based platform as part of the DCMS funded 5G Edge-XR research project working alongside BT, Condensed Reality and others.

Salsa Sound was created in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength, continuing to improve fans' audio immersive sports experience across the world. The company were recently awarded the accolade of Outstanding Audio Innovation at the 2021 Sports TV Awards.

Rob Oldfield, Co-founder and CEO of Salsa sound said: “We designed MIXaiR 2.0 to remove time-intensive, manual processes that sound engineers are faced with; instead, we give them the freedom to craft a mix, rather than chasing it.

“We want amazing sound to be accessible to as many sports fans as possible for both high and lower budget games. By removing the need for additional infrastructure, we’ve ensured that MIXaiR 2.0 can be used by clubs of all sizes to give their fans the best experience that captures all the excitement of the on-field action and makes them feel like they are actually in the stadium with the fans."

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