Award-winning Alumna lands a place on a major fellowship programme

Categories: School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

A Salford Alumna has won a place on the One World Media Fellowship, an international project aimed at aspiring journalists and filmmakers.

The programme receives hundreds of applications from across the globe, and Hanan Youssef, who studied a  Masters in Media Production , snatched up one of those coveted twenty spots.

She said: “I was so excited because I will receive a year-long workshop by industry experts and produce and direct my upcoming documentary film with such a professional community that supports and encourages filmmakers reporting on the global south.”

The One World Media Fellowship is a great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers and journalists based in or reporting from the global south to present untold stories that break down stereotypes and build cross-cultural connections.

The fellows also receive a package consisting of a production grant, executive producers for their project, career mentorship, a year-long workshop, webinars by industry experts, and fair reporting and security guidance.

Hanan Graduated in 2017, but says Salford guided her on her path to success.

“University of Salford, with its brilliant teachers and facilities best prepared me for working in the industry because the course perfectly blended theory into practice.

“While studying, I was immersed in industry work, so as I work in the industry now, I am ready for what it entails. It is the constructive feedback I got from my tutors that helped mostly.”

She added: “I shall never forget Lloyd Peters, who maintained an open-door policy for all his students and especially Lyndon Saunders' encouraging words ' I expect to hear great things about you and see your work at festivals, awards, and on TV in years to come’, so thank you Salford!”

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