Artist in Residence settles into new home at Energy House

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Following the search for a photographer to begin work on a new commission based at the University of Salford’s Energy House, McCoy Wynne was announced as the Artist in Residence, a collaborative project organised by the University’s Art Collection with industry partners Open Eye Gallery.

McCoy Wynne is a partnership of photographers Stephen McCoy and Stephanie Wynne. Much of their work considers aspects of representation of the built environment and they have a lifelong interest in issues around sustainability.

Reflecting on the first stage of their residency, Stephanie Wynne said: “We found entering the space quite a surreal experience, passing through many doorways to then enter into another complete building, much like walking into a Russian Doll. The interior of the Energy House had been stripped of its furnishings and looked like a building awaiting new owners, with left behind glimpses of its previous occupants.”

Energy House is the world’s first full sized two-bedroom terrace built inside an environmentally controlled chamber. The technology involved in the unique facility can create the simulation of a range of different weather conditions, which can be tracked and monitored by an array of sensors and the Energy House research team.

Stephanie added: “Whilst inside, one is aware of being part of the monitoring, of being watched, moving from room to room, raising the temperature and exhaling CO2. In contrast there is a non-view looking out, just the walls of the encasing building. The link to the outside world and the relevance of the experiment is through its researchers and scientists.

“We are developing the work via these themes, through continued visits and discourse with the Energy House team. Watch this space!”

The artwork created by McCoy Wynne during their residency will be acquired into the University’s permanent art collection and will also contribute to the LOOK International Photo Biennial 2022, delivered by Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.

Visual: Initial research image @McCoy Wynne

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