Apprenticeship Week 2024: Student champions apprenticeship in building surveying

Categories: School of Science, Engineering and Environment

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we are highlighting one of the students who is completing amazing work in her apprenticeship course at the University.

Jasmine Pugh, a 22-year-old student, is currently in her fourth year studying the Building Surveying Apprenticeship. With the course being split between one day in-person teaching and four days on site, she is currently working as an Assistant Building Surveyor at Johnathan Cornes Associates, a Building & Project Consultants company.

Originally, Jasmine had her sights set on becoming a family barrister, but one family recommendation led to another, and she found herself at Salford starting an apprenticeship course that would lead her into the construction industry. Working and studying as an apprentice gives a unique insight into industry, while also providing vital skills to be really successful in the world of work.

Jasmine is working in the construction industry whilst also studying at the university, juggling academia and the workplace. She said: “It’s tough, especially in this industry being a woman. It has been a rollercoaster moving cities for the apprenticeship too, but it’s 100% the right thing for me, I love it.”

When asked about the workload, she said: “I do manage to juggle it all. I think you find a nice balance between working in person and then studying. You really need to be motivated if you’re going to do a degree apprenticeship.”

Daniel Bracegirdle, Jasmine’s tutor at the University of Salford, said: “I have been Jasmine’s tutor since I started working here and every meeting or catch up with her is a pleasure, she is enthusiastic about what she does both professionally and academically.

“She has taken ownership of her apprenticeship and is really applying herself, which is clear to see by the development and progression she is making. A degree apprenticeship can be tough to balance at times with the demands of University, the workplace and a personal life, but Jasmine manages it all really well and is more than happy to work together which makes the whole process far more beneficial and enjoyable for all involved.”

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