After Carluccio’s and Brighthouse will more failures come?

Categories: Salford Business School

Dr Gordon Fletcher, retail expert from the University of Salford Business School, comments as two big names on the Higher Street collapse on the same day, with the loss of around 4,500 jobs.



Dr Fletcher said: “Carluccio's were already struggling and at risk before this started. Social distancing has really ensured that it was a quick ending. This closure also reveals the impact that the relatively recent death of the founder has had on the business's organisational culture. 

“Brighthouse's closure reflects the impact of increased public scrutiny and dissatisfaction with the business model among its target customers. The closure of stores will be a challenge for its current customers who must continue to make their payments despite the shutdown.

“While these two failures have come only a few days into the government's stronger social distancing measures there will be others as the pressure of having no casual high street shoppers will place pressure on their cash flow and the rationale for their underlying business models.”

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