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Growth Flag and the University of Salford Business School form exclusive partnership.

Growth Flag is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with the University of Salford Business School for use of its innovative online data intelligence tool.

Through the partnership, Salford Business School students will have exclusive access to Growth Flag’s data to support their studies from September 2023.

Growth Flag will be embedded into the curriculum across the Business School, helping students to identify and understand the real economy and dig into the data to see what growth looks like to support their dissertations and industry collaboration projects.

Students will also be able to undertake internships and sandwich-year placements working alongside the Growth Flag team to gain experience in a variety of roles, including tech, data science, commercial and digital marketing.

Salford Business School will also have access to the Growth Flag platform for commercial use, to support the development of its innovation strategy which seeks to harness innovative support for small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Manchester region.

The first-of-its-kind online tool pulls live insight from a comprehensive dataset that can be easily analysed by the user to help identify growth potential in individual businesses across the UK. Once that potential has been identified, users can understand emerging markets, target relevant sales and marketing activity and offer tailored solutions.

By identifying businesses with the greatest growth potential, Salford Business School can reach out to them with graduate opportunities and co-development opportunities, such as support, training and leadership opportunities.

With the Growth Flag platform, education providers have a greater understanding of their local economy, along with data and insight to develop policies and strategies that support sectors with the highest growth potential by tailoring curriculum and targeting businesses with opportunities based on their needs.

Richard Jeffery, Founder Partner of Growth Flag, said: “This is a very exciting partnership and a great opportunity for collaboration between Salford Business School and Growth Flag. Growth Flag is an ideal tool for colleges and universities to understand their local economy and support sectors that have the highest growth potential, and we look forward to supporting the University of Salford Business School to optimise and strengthen its strategy and operations to continue making a difference in Greater Manchester.

“By getting data into the classroom and supporting students to understand and use the data in innovative ways they can learn from us, but we can also learn from the students and identify areas of opportunity. We also look forward to welcoming students to work alongside our team in a variety of areas, sharing our knowledge and expertise to support the next generation as they begin their careers.”

Dr Francine Morris, Associate Dean for Enterprise and Engagement, Salford Business School, comments: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Growth Flag to create such a fantastic opportunity for our students. Every great strategy is rooted in strong data. So, for our students to have access to this, as well as the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the organisation via sandwich year placements, prior to embarking on graduate careers will be invaluable.”

Developed through a partnership with social enterprise the Growth Company and data intelligence platform, Red Flag Alert, Growth Flag brings together Red Flag Alert’s background in data insights, with the Growth Company’s expertise in delivering inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth.

Growth Flag partnership

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