Library Skills

There will be many occasions you will need to find information and evidence for your studies and assessments. Knowing where to look and which information sources are the best quality to use is very important. Developing good information searching skills can help save you time and help you get results that are most relevant to help expand your subject knowledge and complete your university work. 

Find information for your studies

screen shot of finding information elearning

Students ask many questions about finding the information they need at University. What will your answers be?

Duration: 15 minutes

How are your research skills?

screen shot of research skills elearning

How do you currently go about finding the information you need? can you successfully search for the academic information you need?

Duration: 10 minutes

Evaluating information

screen shot of good academic information elearning

Can you use any information you find in your assessments? This guide will help you avoid some common finding information pitfalls.

Duration: 10 minutes

Making the most of Library Search

Screenshot of online resource

This eLearning will help you to use the advanced features of Library Search.

Duration: 20 minutes