Business Transformation

We want to help your organisation become more productive, resilient, profitable, and sustainable.

We will work with you to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with academic experts across a range of disciplines, services, and facilities to take a holistic view of all aspects of your business.

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Our aim is to support businesses to strategically transform their operations through the implementation of new technologies and processes. We are here to support you in the following areas. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

KTP’s provide our industry partners with the opportunity to embed transformative change by addressing industry challenges in a 3-way collaboration with the University and a highly skilled graduate. We offer KTP opportunities in a wide range of disciplines through which you can access skills and expertise to help your company develop, innovate, and grow.

Industry Collaboration Projects

We have postgraduate students from a range of disciplines available to work on projects for your organisation. Working with our students is a highly cost-effective way of bringing in innovative problem-solving expertise to develop practical solutions to the real-world problems you face. All projects are supervised by a leading academic  practitioner and are open to all sizes of business, charity, or community group.

Funding your Business Innovation

There are a number of different external funding sources available to enable business to work with academic partners. Through our collaborative approach we will work with you to identify the funding options most suitable to take your ideas from concept to completion. With our valuable experience in submitting successful bids, we can provide expert advice to support you through the application process.

Commercial Product Testing and Facilities

Our world class facilities will provide your business with a contemporary test and work environment with professional and technical experts on hand.


Our consultancy services give you access to our academic expertise, world-class laboratories and research facilities. Our dedicated partnerships team are here to be an informed point of contact and will provide ongoing support as we work with you to define your business needs. Employing an academic consultant can bring new perspectives to help provide answers to your challenges.


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For more information on how we can support you and your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can provide a bespoke presentation addressing the support we can offer to your business or an individual plan highlighting course areas or services that may be of interest.