Trusts & Foundations


Trusts and Foundations

We raise aspirations for all of our students, providing a level playing field regardless of their background. Charitable trusts and foundations enable students to learn, discover and be curious. 

Trusts and foundations can help to support: 

  • scholarships & bursaries 

  • investigation of cutting-edge research and globally significant projects 

  • improvement of teaching facilities and capital builds

We are proud that our students come from all walks of life, with varying experiences that enrich both the University and wider community of Salford and Greater Manchester. 

Make a student unstoppable by funding their learning experience 

  • 25% of our students are from low income families  

  • 99% of our students are state educated. 

  • 50% of students originate from Greater Manchester. 

We know that studying at university comes at a cost that some cannot afford. The tuition fees and associated living costs can often deter talented students from taking the step into Higher Education. 

Financial support can be life-changing for a student. 

Trusts and Foundation support towards scholarships can significantly improve a student’s attainment, ease financial pressures and build their confidence. 

Scholarships and bursaries are vital for students that are struggling to make ends meet and prevents them from dropping out of University. 

They also provide opportunities for students to learn and engage with fields of study and industry areas that otherwise have low representation from certain backgrounds. For example, scholarships & bursaries can provide the step up needed to support more female students into studying STEM. The University of Salford aims to be at the forefront of change to improve diversity & inclusion in disciplines across HE and industry, building a pipeline of talented students and role-models to inspire future generations.  

Haworth winner

The support of The Haworth Charitable Trust has been invaluable in helping students gain experience in a discipline many would otherwise be unable to access.

The University of Salford and the School of Arts & Media are indebted to The Haworth Trust for providing the funding to host The Haworth Life Drawing Series for the School of Arts & Media, and The Haworth Figurative Art Graduate Scholarship Programme. The scholarship programme was established to support artists in the crucial first year after graduation; providing time and resources to allow recent graduates to experiment and take risks with their creative practices. The scheme aims to encourage artists to remain in Salford and to develop their professional practice within the artist community in the city. 

The Haworth Life Drawing Series has had a significant impact on the learning experience of the students at the University of Salford. It not only offers high quality teaching, but it offers the materials to experiment and explore and develop. This is crucial. Many students from the University of Salford hail from low income groups. The cost of artist’s quality pigments, canvas, timber, paper, charcoal – the raw materials which artists transform, by their labour, into ‘artworks’ – are prohibitively expensive for many of them.  Access to a Life Class that provides not only teaching but access to high-quality materials offers them an opportunity to engage in one of the most important and yet ‘aristocratic’ of activities. The Haworth Life Drawing Prizes also allow the recipients to expand their knowledge and experience with a travel bursary.

Industry is embedded into everything we do

We remain committed to the wider Salford community by utilising our research expertise and encouraging students to engage with projects that benefit residents, the community and businesses. 

Our academic staff are experts in their fields, regularly undertaking exciting and innovative research. Trusts and Foundations help the University to advance industry knowledge and insights across core priority areas. We have a plethora of cutting-edge projects in the pipeline across environmental sustainability, robotics and autonomous vehicles, science and emerging technologies, technical skill development, arts & culture and industry collaboration.  

So whatever your area of interest and whether you would like to make a one-off or multi-year donation, we are confident your support will go far at the University of Salford in having a profound impact on student lives, contributing to break-through research, developing the University campus and facilities and engaging with the local community.  

Through your support our students can become unstoppable. 

If you are a trustee of charitable trust or foundation, or are in the process of setting one up and would like to know more about how you can have an impact on the University of Salford and change lives please do get email Sophie Ball: