Anonymous Donor Scholarships

At the University of Salford, we believe the range of challenges a student experiences, whether personal or financial, should never prevent them from achieving their dreams.

We are extremely honoured that one of our Anonymous Donors shares our vision and has generously gifted several scholarships to talented individuals at Salford who have faced numerous difficulties in life. The scholarships not only ease their financial burdens but instils a sense of pride in the students as the support of a donor encourages them to achieve their potential.

Put simply, the generosity of our Anonymous Donor really has changed lives and we are grateful for their support.

Salford Advantage Scholarship

With thanks to our Anonymous Donor, the Salford Advantage Scholarship launched in 2013 to provide students with the greatest need, from a low-income background with a non-repayable award. 

Students from across the University were able to apply for the Scholarship, regardless of the nature of their degree, and we are very thankful for the vast number of students the Anonymous Donor has helped over the years. 

AR Scholarship in Digital Media

Our Anonymous Donor also launched the AR Scholarship in Digital Media for the 2020/21 academic year, providing one student with financial security to enable them to focus on their studies. 




Megan is the inaugural recipient of the AR Scholarship in Digital Media and was extremely honoured to receive the award: 

"Your scholarship will allow me to pursue career opportunities that may arise as a result of the course ... and to purchase any equipment or external training I may require along the way .... Your help also means that I do not have to worry about working too much to make money and I can ensure that my very part-time job stays just that which is fantastic! Thank you, once again, for your continued support"

Thank you, to our incredible Anonymous Donor, for all you do at the University of Salford. Your belief in our students encourages them to work for their dreams and be proud of who they are.