The Salford Institute for Dementia and Ageing

The Salford Institute for Dementia and Ageing emerged from the goal of University of Salford colleagues to enable those faced with the challenges of dementia and their supporters to improve their lives in meaningful ways. 

With a leadership team of experienced researchers from various disciplines and a panel of Dementia Associates - local individuals living with dementia or care partners - the Institute runs a range of programmes with a focus on the environment, technology, innovation, and creativity. 

Public engagement is at the heart of the Institute, as they work with a range of stakeholders to showcase their innovative research, education, and practice in the field. 

Covid-19 response

Despite the various challenges the Covid-19 pandemic presented for people across the world, the team recognised the importance of supporting their members to help them remain as socially engaged as possible. 

The Institute used a range of virtual means, including online meetings, and regular check-ins via email or phone, to ensure their members felt supported. To help everyone remain connected with one another, they also held several social events such as virtual quizzes and Christmas competitions, which were well received by all. 

Click here to read the winning entry for their Christmas poetry competition


This Christmas is like no other

That we have ever known

The virus that is with us

Has grown and grown and grown


The cards have all been written

And there are lights upon the tree

The shops have all been opened

To buy presents for you and for me


No family round the table

Thank goodness we have zoom

It just the two of us with paper hats

But virtually you will be with us in the room


And then when Springtime comes along

And the virus has hopefully gone

The new life is beginning

And we will all move on

Visit to the Royal Horticultural Society


After over a year of virtual activities, the Salford Institute for Dementia and Ageing planned their first in-person event in June 2021 to the Royal Horticultural Society in Bridgewater, Salford. 

All safety measures were followed during the visit, and the members were thrilled to see one another again as they explored the gardens and were treated to a surprise afternoon tea in the café to celebrate their first step back to normality.

Hub Garden

The University of Salford's Dementia Hub

Every year, the Salford Institute for Dementia and Ageing associates plan the garden surrounding the hub. In September 2021, after carefully weeding the garden, the associates visited a local garden centre to pick the seasonal flowers and bulbs they wished to plant in the garden, building upon the array of plants already thriving there. The process was a great team effort and is a wonderful opportunity for the associates to strengthen and support the autonomy of the group.