Foxpoint Foundation

Our mission, at the University of Salford, is to transform lives and stimulate ground-breaking discovery. We are extremely privileged that one of our donors, the Foxpoint Foundation, shares our vision and has generously supported translational medicine research at our University. 

Translational Medicine at Salford

The generosity of the Foxpoint Foundation helps to support translational medicine research at the University of Salford by ensuring our researchers – Professor Michael Lisanti, Professor Federica Sotgia, and their team – have the resources they need to achieve their goals, which includes combating cancer and other diseases associated with ageing.

Foxpoint Foundation’s incredible support has also enabled us to develop our Translational Medicine Laboratories through the creation of a technician post and purchase of specialist equipment – the labs feature a dedicated teaching space, three cell culture facilities, a state-of-the-art metabolic suite, and a genome sequencer.

The Translational Medicine Laboratories opened in 2018 and have helped us to strengthen our existing links with regional hospitals, facilitated the development of clinical studies, and widened our collaborations with other universities, research centres and industry partners.

Thanks to the support of the Foxpoint Foundation, we are making huge strides in cancer and ageing research, for that we are truly grateful.