Flipping Failure

We often think of failure as a negative experience and something to be avoided, ashamed of, and a barrier to achieving success. The Flipping Failure project challenges that misconception by exploring the positives and necessities of failure that will help us to build resilience, insight, and inspire action.


After facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, this project encouraged students, staff, and the public to explore the ‘failureship’ strategies to improve their confidence during times of uncertainty through a series of events. 

Over 20 ‘Failure Focussed’ events were delivered during the spring and summer of 2021, with the funding helping to secure an inspirational talk from Ruby Wax OBE who described how a one-time failure not only saved her mental health but acted as a catalyst for hew new career.

Flipping Failure not only benefitted the University of Salford’s community but gained national reach, with parallel events taking place at other UK institutions such as Huddersfield, Keel, UCL, and Glasgow, joining Salford to ‘Flip Failure’. 

When asked "What did you learn from the sessions?", one Salford participant said: 


"The importance of understanding failure and identifying how it makes me feel in order to move forward in the most productive way possible; learning now to reframe failure in a positive way rather than letting it put me down; and then learning how I can use that to improve myself and be stronger in the future.


The legacy of Flipping Failure continues not only through memorable activities but a collection of resources the team are currently collating to help establish an ongoing community of practice.