Albert Adams in Context

The University of Salford is proud to hold one of the largest existing archives of the work of Albert Adams, an expressionist painter and printmaker of African and Indian heritage who spent much of his career living and working in the UK. The collection was kindly donated by Edward Glennon in 2012 and includes paintings, prints, drawings, and studio materials.

In early Spring 2022, the University’s Art Collection will host a symposium based around the life and work of Adams, uniting students, academics, specialists, and the wider public to consider the important themes explored in his work such as global politics, personal identities, and black history.

The funding will support paid roles for students to work on the project, providing them with valuable experience in areas such as project management, marketing, and curating. The event will also be an opportunity for students to network and learn from leading experts in art, history, and culture.

All images below are courtesy of the artist’s estate. Additional photography by Museum Photography North West.