Giving from outside the UK



The University of Salford is now registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency as a Canadian Prescribed University. This means that we can issue official receipts to supporters living in Canada and enable tax-effective giving. If you decide to make a contribution to the University of Salford, you can give via any of the methods explained in the leaflet enclosed and request a receipt via email to



As we do not have a base in the United States, all gifts must be made through the British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF). They are able to issue a US tax receipt for donations. They meet quarterly to agree the distribution of funds and therefore as a donor you need to express a preference that the donation goes to the University of Salford.

To make a donation to us through BSUF please follow the steps below. The BSUF prefer donations by cheque if possible as they incur a 3% fee for all credit card donations. For your employer to match this gift, please obtain a matching gift form from them and enclose it in the same envelope as your donation.

How to donate through the BSUF

Donate by cheque

Print the BSUF Donor Transmittal Form and complete, ensuring that you enter ‘University of Salford’ in the ‘I would like to express a preference in support of’ section.

The Donor Transmittal Form can also be accessed at in the Memberships section.

Make a cheque payable to ‘British Schools and Universities Foundation, Inc’ or to ‘BSUF’.  

Mail the Donor Transmittal Form and the cheque to:
British School and Universities Foundation, Inc.
575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006
New York

NY 10022-2511

Donate from your mobile phone

Go to and follow the instructions.

Ensure that you enter ‘University of Salford’ in the ‘Approved Institutions’ section.

Donate from your laptop or computer

Go to and follow the instructions.

Ensure you enter ‘University of Salford’ in the ‘Approved Institutions’ section.