Declaring criminal convictions

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As a duty of care, we require you to disclose any relevant unspent criminal conviction once you have confirmed that you have chosen Salford as your ‘firm’ or first choice. We are committed to fair admissions for all our applicants, and therefore ask this of all our applicants. By doing this we can exercise a duty of care towards you as an individual, as well as to all students, staff and visitors.

If you have a conviction that is relevant and unspent, please complete the form below.

You are only required to complete this form if your conviction is relevant* and unspent.

calculator is also available from an organisation called Unlock, that may provide guidance on whether a conviction is spent.

The information you provide will be confidential to those involved at the University. If, after our consideration of the information you provide, we think it necessary to investigate further, we will contact your third party nominated person. If you wish to provide the details of a third party, such as a probation officer, and agree to authorise the University to communicate about the background of your convictions and current situation please give their full name, position and contact details on the form.

We will always do our utmost, where possible, to ensure that we can provide support and safeguarding, so that you are able to study your chosen course with us.

*We only require you to disclose unspent relevant convictions. ‘ Relevant’ means convictions concerning:

  • any kind of violence including (but not limited to) threatening behaviour, offences concerning the intention to harm or offences which resulted in actual bodily harm, 
  • sexual offences
  • the unlawful supply of controlled drugs or substances where the conviction concerns commercial drug dealing or trafficking (drug offences only involving possession are not relevant offences)
  • and any offences involving firearms
  • any offences involving arson
  • any offences involving terrorism

If you have any queries, please contact us at