Covid-19 Data Reports

The University is committed to being open and transparent about the number of COVID cases we have within our student population. On this page we publish daily (Monday to Friday, by 1pm) four sets of data.

  • Positive test results notified to the university in the past 10 days (the data is the date of the test result)
  • The 7 day average number of new positive cases notified to us
  • The daily count of positive cases reported by our four academic schools

We also publish the positive test results notified to the university in the past 10 days by colleagues.

Published: March 2021

Number of current students who have received a positive test result for Covid-19:

Positive test results for Covid-19
Cases disclosed 28/02/21 0
Total live cases 28/02/21 3
7 day average (previous week)   0.0
Total number of cases   773
Covid-19 7 day average cases per day up to 28/02/21 - University of Salford
10 day Covid cumulative total and live cases up to 28/02/21 - University of Salford
Cumulative Covid-19 cases per day by school up to 28/02/21 - University of Salford

We have, and continue to work, with Salford City Council Public Health and Infectious Disease Control teams to share and monitor the daily figures and to identify any patterns that may require further investigation or intervention. We also provide anonymised data to the City Council on all our reported cases so we can monitor infections in the university’s halls of residences, in private halls of residence, in private rented accommodation and in own home.

If you have any questions about the data please email


Colleagues - 10 day cumulative total

Published: 1 March 2021

Colleagues - Covid-19 reported cases up to 01/03/21
  Self-isolating - 
household member +ve
Covid19 symptoms
Asked to
self-isolate T&T
+ve Covid19
0 0 0 4 4