Looking for a degree course designed to develop your knowledge of contemporary politics and history? Learn more about our politics Clearing courses – including politics, international relations, and contemporary and military history.

According to many philosophers, past and present, human beings are political animals. Without even realising it, we exist in and through political communities. But how do we fit into these communities? And who has power within them? If you’re interested in exploring answers to these questions, consider applying for one of our politics Clearing degrees today.

Our politics and international relations courses are designed to ensure you have the experience and skills needed to stand out in a competitive employment industry. If you want to explore the role of state and organisation in an increasingly interconnected world, then our politics courses will provide you with a thorough understanding of different ideologies and policies in UK and global politics.

Politics Clearing Course Places

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Our politics Clearing courses offer a thorough grounding in contemporary politics and its theoretical context, preparing you for a range of careers in sectors including the civil service, media, and non-governmental agencies. There are a range of modules enabling you to direct your studies in line with your specific interests, including global intelligence, war and conflict, political journalism, and the history of socialism.

You will benefit from a variety of teaching methods throughout your studies, including lectures, seminars, workshops, debates, and individual supervision, leading up to the submission of your final year dissertation. There is also the opportunity to spend some, or all, of your second year studying abroad in either Europe or the US – as well as the chance to apply for our parliamentary placement programme to boost your CV.

If you’re interested in a particular area of politics, there are a variety of degree programmes available to suit your individual area of interest.

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Our full range of politics courses in Clearing are listed below. Read on for more information about each course.

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BA (Hons) Politics

The political landscape has never changed so quickly. Recent worldwide events, such as the pandemic and Brexit, have created a dramatic shift in economic, social, and political cultures. If you’re looking for a career that explores the political and social landscapes both in the UK or abroad, then our BA (Hons) Politics degree is ideal for you. Learn from expert academic researchers, practice politics in a real-life setting on work experience placements, and develop your skills in critical thinking and debating.

BA (Hons)  International Relations and Politics

Our BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics course is designed to develop your understanding of key concepts in a structured manner, beginning with a foundational background in the history and theories of international relations and politics. As you progress into your second and third years, you will choose from a wide variety of modules and get the opportunity to take up a professional placement. 

BA (Hons) Intelligence Analysis

If you’re interested in the role intelligence plays in investigations, or want to explore the theories surrounding the use of data, our BA (Hons) Intelligence Analysis course will provide you with the tools and training you need to establish a professional career. You will learn about recent international history and current affairs, and be introduced to the software used for intelligence analysis in the digital age. You will also be able to choose from a range of modules from our university-wide language programme, enabling you to gain highly sought-after language skills.

BA (Hons) Contemporary History and Politics

Our BA (Hons) Contemporary History and Politics degree will not only develop your knowledge and understanding of these subjects, but will also give you key transferable skills that are vital to a vast range of careers. Students who graduate from this course can progress onto several career paths, such as working for international governments or in institutions such as the EU, local government and political parties.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Military and International History

From wars of propaganda to weaponry and intelligence, explore the conflicts that have shaped society over the past 200 years with our BA (Hons) Contemporary Military and International History course. You’ll delve into topics as diverse as terrorism and intelligence, with the option to specialise in naval, air or land warfare.

Natalie's story

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BA (Hons) Politics degree student, Natalie, tells us about the opportunities available to students on this course:

“There are some great opportunities set up for the course. Several students have decided to go on a six-month Westminster placement working alongside an MP, and I am participating in a media-based placement in my final year.”

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