NERIC - how we can work with you

The £16 million centre consists of three laboratories of robotic equipment, showcasing how robotics and automation can address real-world business problems. Partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Research England (RE), NERIC collaborates with industry to give access to specialist equipment and academic expertise to help design, test, validate and de-risk innovation and investments.   

NERIC has worked with a variety of businesses across multiple sectors, many of which would not consider themselves as good candidates for automation. Companies which have benefitted include those in fashion, virtual production and food & drink.

The benefits of adopting of robotics and automation across many sectors are clear. Automation can help to address skills shortages, improve quality and efficiency, increase productivity, and gain a competitive advantage. However, the roadmap to automation is often less clear; this is where NERIC steps in. 

The expert team take a consultative approach to diagnose the needs of every business they partner with. Every project delivered is valuable, of high quality and has a measurable impact.  


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