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We asked Ian Fisher, Director of 10ticks, a few questions about his Cyber Foundry experience.

Meet. Ian Fisher
Title. Director
Industry. Education
Completed Programme. 2021

The Company

Previously a maths teacher, Ian Fisher set up 10ticks.co.uk in 1999

Fisher Educational Ltd trading as 10ticks, started in 2000, winning the Government DTI e-Commerce Award for Innovation in Education and Learning. 10ticks is now the market leading provider of maths materials in secondary schools, with over 50% of pupils using their material.

10ticks specialises in providing resources that cover the UK Maths National Curriculum for ages 5-16.

10ticks have also adapted existing material for the Malaysian, Australian and South African Curriculums, supplementing the existing worksheets with exciting brand new material. 

We asked Ian Fisher a few questions about his programme experience

What was the highlight of the programme?

“All of it! The technical assistance at the end was excellent and enabled us to expand our portfolio of short games for Ticker books.”

How has the programme impacted your business?

“The programme has helped Fisher Educational Ltd review the security across our business and ensure a consistent approach for all staff.

Since participating in the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry programme Fisher Educational Ltd has developed a new product, an interactive online game that will help 10tick users to improve their maths skills whilst playing.

The new product will help expand their current product portfolio of educational resources. Fisher Educational designed 10tickers to reach a new age group and through a new format, print. The fact that it has also been developed using open-source software and that it has been designed with the ability to launch the game using the QR codes from existing books has also helped to enhance the current offering.” 

Is there anything you do now in your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise done? 

“Making sure communication is consistent to all staff and that they are aware of common security issues.”

Would you recommend the course to other people? Why?

“Yes. Security is at the core of protecting your business and its IP. As a leader, you need to be aware of all aspects. The programme will highlight common issues as well as making you aware of new ones”

The technical assistance gives businesses the ability to ask techy questions to techy people”

Do you have any advice for other small to medium-sized businesses?

“Make sure you go on the programme and find out all other opportunities that Salford can offer you.”

What was the best thing about your partnership with the universities?

  • Broad spectrum of help available
  • Action learning sets for 4/5 years
  • Numerous evening courses for small businesses
  • Student work placements year long as well as short placements

Get in touch

To find out more information on how to access the programme please contact:

Lorena Gomez, GM Cyber Foundry Project Manager

University of Salford 
Joule House
M5 4WT