Carbon Air

One of the University of Salford’s spinout companies, Carbon Air, has produced technology based on two key principles: that of controlling air pressure and stiffness through adsorbing and desorbing materials, and controlling air depth through the same methods to increase the apparent depth of acoustic cavities and materials. 

Carbon Air has five national stage patent applications granted worldwide, and a further 11 in process or preparation. Using these technologies, they are working with multiple companies in differing sectors, including:  

  • Working with one of the world’s largest air spring manufacturers to improve air suspension for new car models  
  • Launching the TruTune mountain bike insert in 2022, using 3D printing to manufacture the parts in-house, generating nearly £80,000 income  
  • Reducing dishwasher noise by 10dB
  • Collaborating with one of the world’s largest mobile phone companies to add richness and depth to loud-speaker sound  

Carbon Air has worked extensively with the university since its creation and continues to do so – with regular use of the Acoustic Labs and other facilities alongside collaborative work with University of Salford academics. The university continues to work with Carbon Air on multiple research projects, along with an acoustics material, which will be produced with a partner in Rochdale.

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