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School of the Built Environment

Energy House

Energy house imgThe School of the Built Environment is home to the unique Energy House – the only fully climate controlled research facility in the world. Built in 2011, this full sized two bedroom terraced house is built inside an environmental  chamber and can replicate almost any weather conditions. It is fully furnished and packed with a vast array of sensors that can monitor a wide range of variables throughout the house and chamber.

Energy House is home to the Applied Buildings and Energy Research Group (ABERG, within the University of Salford UPRISE Research Centre), a multidisciplinary team dedicated to investigating the issues of energy use within buildings. These kind of problems can range from issues around materials, systems and controls, as well as the way people use energy in their homes. Research such as this is important because 30% of all the energy used in the UK is used in our homes and 45% is used in all buildings.

The Energy House has engaged in world leading commercial research around project testing for companies such as Saint Gobain and the controls manufacturers association BEAMA as well as smaller tests for innovative products such as Radfan. Take a look at our video below to find out more.