Your Wellbeing

As well as being a great source of tips for general wellbeing and issues you may be facing, Wellbeing Advisers are here if you wish to seek advice about something that is causing you considerable stress, distress or concern.

There may be times at university when you need to speak to someone because you need support with a personal issue, or you need someone to listen. It may be a worry that you feel like you can’t discuss with your friends, family or tutor. If something has happened in your life or is affecting you day-to-day (whether you deem it to be big or small), you can meet with a Wellbeing Adviser to talk it over or be supported and referred to more acute mental health services where appropriate.

Wellbeing Advisers:

  • Do not judge you
  • Work in a highly confidential setting
  • Help you to look at the issues you are facing and offer support, listen or help you find the best solution for you
  • Differ from counsellors in that they don’t offer therapeutic sessions or counsel
  • Have a good knowledge of mental health but are not able to diagnose mental health conditions

You can discuss personal issues regarding your mental health with Wellbeing Advisers. They will offer you a space to explore them, supporting you by looking at your options and help you to take any next steps.

Wellbeing Advisers offer phone triage and face-to-face sessions throughout the week, as well as follow-up sessions where appropriate.