Finding accommodation during the shortage

You may be struggling to find accommodation in Greater Manchester at the moment. There is a real shortage of accredited accommodation – both in halls of residence and with private landlords this year. There is also a shortage in the general rental market, so this is making things worse. This problem is affecting all universities in Greater Manchester.  This page will take you through some steps that you can take to find and source accommodation, as well as the help that we can provide.

askUS are receiving regular updates from all accommodation providers. We recommend that you contact us and give us your details so that we can send you notifications of available rooms as we get them.

Alternatively, you can check accommodation sites' webpages (see links below) as they will also be uploading vacancies as they become available. Some of these sites may say 'Sold Out' but you can be put on a waiting list. On others you will need to click on the room that you are interested in and it will put you on a waiting list for that type of room. You may have to do this with multiple types of rooms. Note: these accommodation options vary in price so make sure you can afford it before you put yourself on a waiting list. We have also listed estate agents in Greater Manchester, who might be able to help you find a home.

Our top tips for finding accommodation this year

The first thing you should do is let askUS know about your situation. Contact askUS:

Our information on our accommodation webpages is still relevant so make sure you read this alongside our top tips below.

  1. Be practical. You may not be able to be as particular about your accommodation choices this year because of the current situation, but remember: once you have signed a contract it is very hard to get out of it. You also need to make sure you can afford the accommodation.
  2. Use the Manchester Student Homes (MSH) website. It lists all options available across Manchester and even beyond. Start with accredited accommodation and put your name on waiting lists, if this is possible, in all suitable accommodation. Then look at unaccredited accommodation (such as private halls) and do the same. MSH also have a message board that you can post on if you are looking for flatmates to share with. You may have to consider accommodation in the wider Manchester area (especially in Fallowfield and Bolton that are attached to other Universities).
    IMPORTANT: Remember when you choose unaccredited accommodation, don’t sign anything until you send your contract to Manchester Student Homes' free tenancy agreement checker or askUS so that we can arrange for it to be checked.
  3. If you already live within a commutable distance, consider staying where you currently are. Rooms do tend to come up after the start of the academic year so it may be much easier to find accommodation that works for you. askUS will be able to help you with this.
  4. Consider your options and travel time carefully. Some national accommodation providers have lots of space outside Manchester in places like Liverpool, Preston and Huddersfield and may direct you there. Think about this carefully and talk to askUS before you consider this option. Some providers may offer travel subsidies for you to do this but remember long-distance travelling can be tiring and may isolate you from your Salford friends.

Other things to note:

  • Contact askUS if you have complicated requirements. If you have specific requirements because of a disability, you need accessible accommodation, have a therapy dog or have a partner and/or dependents, then your options will be even further reduced. Please contact askUS in these instances.
  • If you are an international student with or without dependents with you (including ERASMUS students or those on short courses), then it is important that you contact us at askUS if you haven’t arranged your accommodation.
  • Consider short-term options. If these options aren’t working for you, then Manchester Student Homes also list more short-term options like Homestays and Airbnbs. You will then be able to look for more long-term accommodation when the current situation dies done. askUS can help with this. Hotels may be an option if all else fails, for the short term. askUS may be able to help if you are in this situation, so please let us know if you are considering this as an option.

Housing scam warnings

There have been reports of people (fraudsters) contacting students about private housing, tenancy agreements and accommodation providers. In these instances, the caller knew the name of the students. Local numbers include 0161 243 3058 and 0161 243 1455. Please be vigilant and do not provide personal information over the telephone.

Generally, don't share your personal information online when you're looking for houses unless you're sure of the recipient.