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Partnerships: Our Partners - Making Connections

The University of Salford enjoys a long standing tradition of working in partnership in order to deliver its mission and meet the needs of the communities it serves. Whether it be local or international, educational or business partnerships, the University has for a long time, recognised the value partners  can add to the delivery of its core activities and strategic objectives.

The recently published Strategic Plan 2018-2021- sets out the importance of partnerships to the University, incorporating them into the Growth and Diversification Sub-Strategy;

The University  will

  • Provide an attractive course portfolio that is informed by our industry partners and addresses current and emerging multi-disciplinary, real-world issues.  
  • Diversify the student body by broadening the geographic reach of our recruitmentstrategies and providing different entry routes that respond to local, national and international needs.  

Here at the University of Salford, partnerships are organised and managed across three distinct areas: