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Marketing and Strategy Research Group

The Marketing and Strategy Unit at the Salford Business school is very keen to conduct research in areas that are socially relevant and utilises the latest theoretical frameworks in academic domains that contribute towards thinking in the broad areas of marketing and strategy. In our research initiatives we always keep in mind the need to address the larger international audience of researchers and practitioners. We always strive to achieve excellence so that our research outputs contribute significantly towards theory development and appeals to a worldwide community of researchers in their particular research domains. Members of this area have used a variety of methodologies in pursuing research by choosing research paradigms appropriately to suit the context.  The academic unit is always committed to pursue research in the most advanced areas of marketing and services management with a view to contribute to the mission and vision of the business school in the long run.

Members of the International Marketing and Services Management unit have contributed to a variety of research areas and sectors. Some of the Key research areas where members from the academic unit have made significant contributions are:
  • Managing Boundary Spanning Elements in Organisations – this area of research looks are research on managing sales persons, service employees like call centre workers, distribution channel members etc.
  • Political Marketing – Research on political marketing includes areas like voter choice, value systems etc.
  • Social Marketing – research on social marketing topics include consumer moralisation, green marketing etc.
  • Tourism Marketing – research on tourism marketing involves research on a variety of topics including consumer loyalty, green hotels, luxury hotel choice, dark tourism, information processing in destination choice etc.
  • Online Marketing—Research has looked at online consumer behaviour, psychological contract violation, e-loyalty etc.
  • Events Management – Research conducted by members of this unit has covered aspects like events management strategy, operations management etc.
  • Service quality – research studies have looked at the cultural aspects of service quality and internal marketing as factors contributing to service quality.

Member s of this unit are involved in several research projects  both funded and non-funded.  Examples of a few ongoing projects are:

  • Academy of Marketing Research Initiative Funding 2015, Social Supermarkets: Unlocking the social value of UK Food Retailing – researcher Dr Morven McEachern
  • Innovative Communication Skills for Dementia Carers, collaboration between School of Health, Salford Business School and Six Degrees (KTP) –researcher Dr Morven McEachern
  • Joint European Masters in Search and Social Media Marketing—EU Project – researcher Dr Tahir Rashid
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs – KTP project – researcher Dr Tahir Rashid. 

Professor Sunil Sahadev

t: ++44 (0)161 295 3096