Family and Friends of Students Hub: Covid-19

We know that you’ll be concerned about students whilst they’re away or commuting to University. We’ve put together this page to help provide you with some reassurance.

Important changes to January return

Summary of changes

Following the Government’s announcement regarding infection rates on Wednesday 30 December 2020, we need to make some changes to the start of the year as per Government requirements.

For those of you on healthcare or social work courses and/or attending a placement or University Clinics, please continue with your existing plans. There are no changes to your teaching and placement arrangements – you can travel to campus to study and for teaching. For those of you who stayed elsewhere over the Christmas vacation, you may also return to your term-time accommodation. If you are returning to term-time accommodation, please book a Covid-19 test prior to travelling if you can. In addition, our on-campus rapid testing facility will open on Friday 8 January 2021 in the Sports Centre and we’ll send more information about how to book a test there at the start of next week.

Currently, all other students are asked not to return to campus until at least 22 February 2021 and not to move back to your term-time accommodation until then. You can read further information about this in this letter from Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan from 31 December 2020. Your safety and that of our wider community is our priority and whilst a delayed return to campus will be disappointing for many of you, we ask that you do please follow the advice given.

Keeping students safe on campus

To see the measures that we’ve put in place across campus to ensure everyone’s health and safety, please take a look at This page is for all students and sets out what they can expect on campus and how we expect everyone to behave.

Even though we have put robust precautions in place, we cannot reduce the risk of catching Covid-19 to zero. Some people will have a higher risk of becoming more seriously ill if they do catch Covid-19, or may live with or care for someone who has a higher than average risk.

Based on current knowledge of the illness, the NHS is advising that these groups are likely to be at a moderate or high additional risk compared to the average if they catch Covid-19. We ask that all students work through the risk assessment and discuss any concerns with their School Progression Administrator.

Our infection rates are reviewed daily and can be seen here.

Covid-19 advice

What should students do if they have symptoms of Covid-19?

If a student has symptoms of Covid-19, they should start to self-isolate immediately and arrange to get a free test

Unless their test result is positive, they do not need to tell the university. However, they should let their school know if they might miss key teaching and learning activities, or engage with them online due to self-isolation. 

Our askUS team are available for all students if they need support for practical matters including finance, accommodation and wellbeing. The team also offers students access to a 24-hour Student CareFirst telephone helpline which provides emotional support from trained counsellors.

What should students do if they test positive for Covid-19?

If a student tests positive for Covid-19, they should continue to self-isolate.

Students self-isolating are asked to inform the University using this online form, so that we can deliver our test and trace duties, so students can state support needs that we may be able to help with, and to allow students to ask questions and provide feedback.

Student experience

Teaching and Learning

Over the summer we let students know that this term would be a mix of online and face-to-face teaching. We also said that large lectures would be online so that we could free up those spaces on campus to teach in person, following social distancing guidelines.

You may have seen that other institutions have had to make the change from blended learning to online only very rapidly. At the time of this message we are not in that space, but if we need to make a similar decision, we’ll let students know via email and via Blackboard (their virtual learning platform). We have asked all students to check these channels regularly.

We have asked that students do attend scheduled face-to-face teaching. The government guidance states that travel for this purpose is allowed. All our teaching and learning spaces on campus have been risk assessed, additional safety measures such as enhanced cleaning are in place, and we ask that face coverings are worn (unless exempt) during face-to-face teaching. On timetables, large lectures show as being online. Where possible, these are recorded and are available for students to watch at a time that suits them. We aren’t able to record all teaching events as not all of our rooms are equipped for this, and for some content, it really does need to be taught in person.

Where students can’t attend, they are asked to speak to their lecturer in advance and get in touch with them as soon as possible, to work out how best to keep up with their studies and succeed.   



First steps – students should let us know they are self-isolating

Students should let us know if they are self-isolating and complete this form to disclose to the University of Salford and the University of Salford Students' Union that they have tested positive for Covid-19 and/or are self-isolating due to Covid-19. The information they provide will be used to ensure that they have the support they need during this challenging period, to give them the opportunity to ask any questions and give us their feedback.

Once they have let us know they are self-isolating, they will receive a friendly call from one of our Track and Trace Team (this may come from an 020 number, or a mobile number, but it’s one of our University staff, or student volunteers from the Students' Union's peer support service, Rafiki.

Please remember, if students have symptoms of Covid-19 they should also book a test.

We can offer practical support with things like food, medicine and deliveries

We’re offering a food orders service for students in self-isolation. Students can also get a delivery from any of the supermarkets if they’d prefer.

Ordered a delivery? If students are living in student halls, your accommodation providers will make sure these get to them in their flat, we know they are keen to get their delivery as quickly as possible and the accommodation teams are working hard to make sure they don’t have to wait too long - please be aware though that in places like PPQ, some 400-500 deliveries arrive every day. Students should contact their accommodation teams directly to check the process for their particular halls.

Parents may want to drop items off for students – these can be dropped off at reception if students are isolating. If dropping off food, please let reception know so that they can prioritise getting this to them.

If students haven’t yet registered with a GP, they can do so at the on-campus health centre. If they are registered with a GP, they should then be able to arrange a home delivery service for their medication.

We can offer emotional support and peer support through our student support services and our Students Union

askUS Student Support services available virtually

Rafiki, the Students Union peer support service is also available virtually

Students' Schools are on hand to help with any questions about study or missing classes

Students should contact their tutor and check Blackboard for any updates or online learning facilities. If they’re unsure who to contact, they can reach out to their School Student Progression Administrators who will be able to help: 

Feeling bored or isolated? We are running virtual events every week!

Students can get involved and Give It A Go with exciting activities for all Salford students and staff.  Try something for the first time, meet new people, and gain experiences with activities from social sport, creative craft workshops, wellbeing and mindfulness, and lots more. All our sessions are led by qualified coaches/instructors along with our wonderful team of volunteers, the Team Salford Activators. A new timetable of activities will be available every week throughout the academic year.

You can also connect with us online



University of Salford:

Twitter: @uos_students

Facebook: UosStudents

Instagram: @uos_students



If students are self-isolating in Peel Park Quarter, John Lester, Eddie Colman, Tramways or IQ, they can now order food boxes of pre-prepared meals from Salfood to their accommodation.

There are vegetarian or meat options to last either a day or a week, with next day delivery if ordered before 12pm.