Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Delivered by leading Communications Performance Coach Martin Brooks

Presenting with confidence is one of the best ways to be able to convince, influence or motivate others. Whether you are a leader wanting to motivate a team, a senior sales leader pitching a product to customers, or a manager pitching for resources internally, this course will help you achieve your goals.

Public speaking is consistently polled as being one of the top fears people have. Therefore, being able to do it well is a huge competitive advantage to any person. But to be able to present with confidence, you need to be able to manage nervousness effectively and utilise the tools of presenting well. 

Tailored for professionals seeking a competitive edge in the business arena, this programme delivers the precise tools, methodologies, and confidence required to emerge as a compelling and influential presenter.

This programme is designed to ensure that whatever your level of presenting currently is, it will improve. This is because of the focus on key skills rarely utilised or executed well in most presentations, but also because of the design of the program focusing on implementation and feedback. 

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19/09/2024 - 19/09/2024
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Attendees will have increased confidence from attending this program. Not only will the programme directly address the nervousness issues that most people feel when presenting, it will also give attendees the skills top presenters use to achieve their results.

Armed with the techniques from the course, attendees will feel confident about being able to present with confidence. They will be able to convince their audiences with their compelling and credible communication.

  • Understand the importance of crafting and communicating clear key messages.
  • Learn how to turn naturally occurring nervousness into genuine confidence.
  • Structure your presentation around key psychological memory principles.
  • Maintain a cohesive flow to your presentation to keep your audience with you.
  • Know how to support your key messages with effective use of your body language, voice and word choices.
  • Learn how to engage and re-engage your audience to keep them with you.
  • Ensure your plan and prepare for questions you may get at the end of your presentation.  
  • Messaging – creating compelling content and structure for your message.
  • Confidence – managing nerves and projecting confidence.
  • Primary & Recency – ensuring the most memorable moments of your presentation are effective.
  • Bridging – planning techniques to ensure a flowing presentation.
  • Body Language – using gesture, posture & facial expressions effectively to sell your message.
  • Voice – using pitch, pace, pause & emotion to effectively sell your message.
  • Language – using rhetorical techniques to effectively sell your message.
  • Engagement – utilising a variety of engagement techniques to hold the attention of your audience.
  • Questions – anticipating and answering questions with confidence & credibility.

Whether you're a seasoned executive, a high-performing sales professional, or an aspiring leader refining your public speaking skills, this immersive course is designed to meet your professional development goals.

This programme is suitable for professionals from a wide range of roles who have communication with groups as a core part of their function.



Martin is a Communications Performance Coach & Author of; Body Language Decoder.

He specialises in helping people communicate with more confidence, credibility and charisma with his training & coaching services. Martin has taught all over the world including; the USA, Asia, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East and even, Kazakhstan. He has coached senior executives from a wide range of organisations like; IBM, PWC and the Financial Times. He has also coached five TEDx speakers to date.

Martin has also worked in some of the world’s top business schools, like London Business School and has been a Course Director at the Chartered Institute of Marketing since 2008. 

Martin is frequently invited by the media to analyse the presentation skills of public figures and politicians. He has appeared on LBC radio, the BBC and did live analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s US Senate appearance in 2018 for the Discovery Channel.

With a solid sales background, Martin is always focused on how his feedback can enhance the performance of his clients and give them a competitive advantage with enhanced communicating skills.  

Martin’s favourite way of working with his clients is helping them prepare better presentations, pitches and interview answers. He critiques their proposed current communication to see what can be improved.




Martin Brooks

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