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A bit about us

Salford Professional Development (SPD) is a subsidiary of the University of Salford, based in Greater Manchester. We deliver in-house, virtual and bespoke accredited and non-accredited training to over 9,000 clients per year across both the public and private sectors.

SPD also host numerous conferences each year which are built upon current affairs and government policy, with a host of high-profile speakers from across several sectors.

Continuing professional development is essential for career progression, helping you learn new skills, keep up with the changing demands of the workplace and gain valuable qualifications. SPD work with several different accrediting bodies to ensure our customers are provided with only the best quality and experience.

SPD has a unique offering that combines industry with academia, allowing us to utilise a bank of knowledge within our academics for theoretical study, and combining this with industry case studies from our partners.

Our Courses and Events cover:

  • Education    
  • Health and Social Care    
  • Media and Digital    
  • Leadership and Management
  • IT/Cyber Security   
  • Built Environment    
  • Public Services  

How can professional development provision help you?

The benefits of continued professional development include:

  • Learning new skills and gaining recognised qualifications  
  • Developing new ways of working, approaching problems and managing others  
  • Preparing to take on additional responsibility and increase earning potential  
  • Increasing confidence  
  • Learning at a pace that is right for you and fits around your existing responsibilities  

A Spectrum of Personalised Training Options

We can drive down your training costs and streamline your upskilling requirements by providing a range of bespoke training options to suit your budget and needs. Our In-House training team will work with your organisation to develop and deliver the training that is right for you.

Call us on 0161 295 3000 or email enquiries@salford-spd.co.uk to arrange a free consultation. 


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