Director Level Training Courses

Enabling directors to deliver excellence

The Directors Key Competence Programmes offer new and experienced directors the opportunity to develop their own CPD through bite-size classes on the core competencies: Strategy, Leadership, Governance and Finance.

Each programme is a two-day, in-depth class which will provide leaders with the knowledge and skills to be a high-performing director, preparing them for the demands and challenges that they face in the real world.

Following completion of the four programmes, delegates will be eligible to apply for an ILM Level 7 qualification.


The Directors' Development Academy

The Directors Development Academy (DDA) offers a suite of modular programmes which enable high-level directors to understand concepts associated with the practice of directorship in organisations. Delegates will reflect on their own psychology, leadership skills, appreciation of and skill sets around strategic analysis and implementation, and their stewardship roles as corporate governors. 

The DDA programmes are ideal for directors, c-suite executives, owner-managers and entrepreneurs, who are looking for an outstanding personal development opportunity to become high-performing, effective business leaders.

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