ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring (Certificate Programme)

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The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring qualification equips practising managers and professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to introduce coaching and mentoring into the workplace and perform effectively as management coaches. 

Explore the management of coaching as well as developing skills, confidence and competence of coaching at a managerial level. This qualification will enable you to increase efficiencies, retain talent, set and drive positive behaviours while providing a platform for effective communication.

The Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring qualification is designed for managers with responsibility for coaching and mentoring as part of their day-to-day role. This qualification will support you through a transition into a development role in your organisation.

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14/10/2024 - 16/10/2024
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A skilled coach or mentor is an invaluable asset to any organisation. As well as increasing confidence and motivation, ILM’s coaching and mentoring qualifications improve management performance, conflict resolution and communication and interpersonal skills.

Our latest research has found that coaching and mentoring can positively impact the workplace in a variety of ways:

  • Stronger teams.
  • Support for talented employees.
  • Improved ability to align the organisation’s culture and ethos with employees’.
  • A more inclusive culture.
  • Improved employee satisfaction scores and staff retention.
  • Increased independent thinking and working.

Delegates will carry out supervised coaching and mentoring sessions and review and plan professional development. This is a highly practical, experiential and for many, transformational course which focuses on the development and refining of coaching competencies, combined with learning tools, techniques and approaches.

Please Note:

Module 1 will take place during days 1-3 of the programme, with Module 2 commencing on days 4-5.

  • What is coaching and what are the differences between coaching and mentoring.
  • The benefits of coaching for you and your organisation.
  • The skills and attributes of a safe, effective coach.
  • Understand and apply to underpin psychological concepts that support coaching, including Neurological Levels, NLP and Transactional Analysis.
  • How to begin a coaching conversation, apply effective models such as GROW, OSKAR and SUCCESS, and ask effective coaching questions.
  • Hold professional standard coaching and mentoring conversations in a safe, supervised environment, and receive feedback.
  • Identification of when coaching is and is not an appropriate approach.
  • Understand the coaching process, and how to use key models to hold both formal and informal coaching conversations (and consider the spectrum in between).
  • Build, develop and lead high performing teams. Consider how to develop people in line with the performance management process and values of own organisation.
  • Apply coaching strategies to create a culture of innovation and excellence. Develop high-performance initiatives for own teams.
  • Consider motivational strategies and learn how to coach and mentor team members with varying abilities and potential.
  • Examine how to use coaching conversations to develop individual professional goals and career plans with team members to enhance motivation levels.
  • Identify how to integrate coaching and mentoring into your leadership approach to support the needs and objectives of the business; informal development and the art of ‘Curb-side Coaching’, leading to the development of a coaching culture.
  • Develop a real-world business case for innovative coaching and mentoring application within your own organisation.
  • Learn and apply Supervision best practices in order to provide Formative, Normative and Restorative supervision support to other coaches and mentors in the organisation, at any level.
  • Understand good practice in the evaluation of coaching and mentoring, including cutting edge methodology in measuring ROI.
  • Develop a set of coaching tools that can be utilised in different situations.
  • Practice real-world management coaching and mentoring, and Supervision conversations, in a safe and supervised environment.

Benefits for individuals include:

  • Powerful, inspirational communication skills.
  • Increased openness to opportunities for personal learning and development.
  • Ability to create targeted performance improvements for self, individuals, teams and businesses.
  • Develop the ability to support others through change, and become resilient when challenged.
  • Develop self-awareness and leadership capability. 

Benefits for the organisation include:

  • An enhanced commitment of individuals and their delivery of continuous improvement and better engagement.
  • Higher organisational performance and productivity.  
  • Facilitates the adoption of a new culture or management change. 
  • Supports cost reduction and business growth.

Ready to start your assignments?

Once you have completed the two modules and are ready to start your assignments, you will be registered with the ILM and will have up to three years to complete the three mandatory assignments. Salford Professional Development is always there at the end of the phone if you have any queries regarding your assignments. We recommend you join the monthly tutorials that are either face to face or via conference call.

On-campus Training

Salford Professional Development training facilities is located in Greater Manchester, just outside the city centre on The University of Salford campus at Adelphi House.

If you prefer face-to-face learning methods, receive personal one-to-one support from expert tutors and enjoy networking with like-minded professionals, our on-campus training cohorts may be the best option for you.

Online Classroom

This programme offers virtual classroom learning dates to best suit those who have busy work/life schedule, are located outside of the United Kingdom or outside of the Northwest of the UK area and prefer online learning methods and networking.

In-House and Tailored Training

Our in-house and bespoke training options are perfect for organisations who are looking to upskill a group of professionals and prefer to have the training delivered on site from their location. We also offer the option to tailor course content to match the groups real life experiences they will face in their role and industry.

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Of employers say their managers perform better after taking an ILM qualification
Of employees say coaching should be a part of every organisation's management and development programme
Feel more valued when coached by a manager or senior person

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