CMI Level 7 Certificate in Management and Leadership Programme

Accredited by The Chartered Management Institute

Course Overview

Effective leadership is essential to successful change. Strategic change will optimise an organisations ability to remain competitive and respond appropriately to the changing needs of their markets.

The three-day CMI Level 7 Certificate in Management and Leadership programme has been designed to support directors and senior managers and leads who have the responsibility to translate organisational strategy into effective performance. This programme will help you review your personal leadership as a strategic manager, develop performance management strategies and implement organisational change strategies.

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Learn to Lead Change Effectively

In today’s dynamic environment it is important for leaders to understand the scope, context and complexity of leading strategic change. The CMI Level 7 Certificate in Management and Leadership programme will help you understand how the application of analytical techniques, theories and models of change and creative problem-solving can be used to equip them to lead strategic change with confidence.

The programme will challenge you to think strategically and see the bigger picture in your organisation and give you the skills and confidence to drive forward organisational change. You will develop your management and leadership skills at a strategic level, equipping you to manage business units, projects and finances more effectively. 

  • State, with certainty and clarity, the connection between effective, visible leadership and a high performing business culture.
  • Define Authentic and Transformational Leadership, and analyse your own leadership style against these concepts.
  • Consider own underpinning motivations, values and beliefs around self and others and how these personal factors influence own leadership approach.
  • Reflect on the alignment of own values and organisational values/behaviours.
  • Use objective data from psychometrics to inform own leadership approach and to analyse the performance and culture in own department and the wider business.
  • Consider team performance against a ‘best practice’ paradigm using Magerison-McCann research and make evidence-based recommendations for enhancement.
  • Analyse the role of Emotional Intelligence in leading, motivating and engaging with individuals and teams.
  • Apply the principles of Transactional Analysis to effective communication and conflict management. Utilise subsets of TA, including Psychological Strokes, Drivers and The Drama Triangle, to manage own interaction and create an ‘Adult’ performance culture.
  • Establish how to apply the Situational Leadership model to self and others to enable continuous development.
  • Define the connection between Coaching and Mentoring to a genuine delegation.
  • Engage in reflective practice and coaching conversations.
  • Define the role of social awareness and social management (Emotional Intelligence) in leading others.
  • Apply the Situational Leadership method to team leadership to enhance capabilities within the team and create greater opportunities for delegates. 
  • Utilising a structured approach, develop a functional, high performing team and create an action plan to enhance own team culture.
  • Apply current research relating to team performance to own team and personal leadership approach.
  • Define the role of leadership and the necessity of considered delegation, for setting the conditions for optimal performance.
  • Enhance own leadership impact by holding an outcome focussed, performance coaching conversation.
  • Consider own organisation within the VUCA world order; Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.
  • Understand the connection between resilience and ‘change readiness’. Apply current research in resilience to own organisational context and situation.
  • Apply classical and leading models and analytical frameworks to the ‘macro-sphere’; systematically identify internal and external drivers for change.
  • Define the neurological impact of change on human psychology.
  • Articulate the reasons why change projects fail and the impact of change on people in organisations.
  • Lead strategically and humanely; apply best practices to own strategic environment.
  • Consider methods for communicating effectively during change cycles.
  • Positively use change as an opportunity to enhance performance and develop resilience in individuals, teams and the organisation.

The aim of this senior and strategically focussed programme will be to improve self-awareness and develop Authentic Leadership characteristics (Bill George – True North). 

  • Enhance your knowledge, understanding and practice of management.
  • Develop your strategic management skills and apply these procedures and practices to managing at a strategic level in the workplace.
  • Understanding self as a senior strategic leader.
  • Reflect on the alignment of own values and organisational values and behaviours.
  • Apply the tools, models and theories directly to work-based problems and see the benefits in your organisation.
  • Improving performance and effectiveness at managing people and projects will raise your confidence and ultimately, status in your organisation.
  • Drive organisational performance.
  • Create an action plan to enhance team culture.
  • Lead strategically through change.
  • Understand the connection between resilience and ‘change readiness’.


Upon completion of this course, you will be required to complete 3 assignments to secure the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice. The Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership gives you a broader knowledge of effective management skills while focusing on the specific management areas appropriate to you and your workplace.

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CMI Level 7 Certificate in Management and Leadership Programme

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