CMI Level 7 Award in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute

Course Overview

The combination of the pandemic and global unrest catalysed by events such as the heightened public profile of the ‘Black Lives Matter” movement, has resulted in organisations increasing their ED&I efforts since 2020. Despite this increase in focus, research would suggest that most organisations are still primarily focused on ensuring they are complying with the laws and regulations rather than having courageous conversations to challenge the underlying institutional behaviours and cultural norms that are required to achieve sustainable change in this area.

This accredited Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Award in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion has been designed to create a safe place for Senior Leaders, EDI champions and managers to exchange their views on why we are not seeing more success. 

Delegates will have the opportunity to explore and build on their current knowledge in this area, reviewing tools and approaches that can be utilised by them in leading on the development and implementation of sustainable change.  

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Face-to-face and Virtual
15/10/2024 - 17/10/2024
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  • Senior Leaders, Executives and Directors responsible for EDI strategy and its implementation
  • Established EDI practitioner looking to influence the decision-makers to gain support for their strategic proposals
  • Leaders looking to develop an in-depth understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion at a strategic level and develop strategic priorities.
  • Those wanting the tools and approaches to enable the development of a comprehensive plan for the integration of strategic priorities into organisational culture
  • Understand equality, diversity and inclusion at a strategic level
  • Critically assess structural inequality within an organisational and societal context
  • Examine approaches to comply with legal and good practice requirements
  • Appraise the influence of equality, diversity, and inclusion on strategic objectives
  • Develop strategic priorities for equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Have the tools to develop and present a business case for good practice in equality, diversity, and inclusion for their organisation
  • Critically reflect on the interrelationship between the skillset and mindset to develop as a strategic leader of EDI

  • Welcome, Introductions and Overview
  • History and Societal Perspectives on Inequality
  • Exploring what the terms Equality, Diversity and Inclusion mean
  • An introduction to neurodiversity within the workplace
  • Understanding your own biases both conscious and unconscious
  • Moral, Financial and Legal Business Case for Equality
  • Exploring EDI in Your Organisational Context
  • Introduction to and exploration of different types of unconscious bias
  • The relationship between culture and bias in an organisation
  • How unconscious biases manifest in core organisational systems and processes including areas such as policy development, recruitment, talent management, career advancement and redundancy.
  • Exploration of own organisational bias risk factors
  • The interrelationship between the skillset and mindset to develop as a strategic leader of EDI
  • Common oversights in EDI Approaches
  • Identifying obstacles to change
  • Creating a psychologically safe workplace to embed the desired changes
  • Reflection on where your organisation is now
  • Group work to develop your personal objectives/project back in the workplace
  • Action plans and what next

Learners have two options for accreditation.

To attain the CMI Level 7 Award in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, which accounts for 8 credits towards a Master level qualification.

To achieve the Award you will be required to complete one assignment that includes positioning your own organisational business case for EDI.

You will explore the role of data in identifying and understanding your own organisational responses to EDI and how effective data analysis provides a foundation for the development of your own organisations strategic EDI priorities.


To receive the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice, which accounts for 18 credits, delegates will be required to complete two assignments.

If you are seeking the Certificate you will be required to complete one further assignment to the Award that demonstrates your knowledge and awareness of your personal and professional development journey.

The second assignment will require you to critically examine the relationship between values, behaviors and strategic leadership, before critically reflecting on your own competence to lead strategic change and the EDI agenda and completing a Professional Development Plan to support your onward leadership development journey.

Kate O’Sullivan

Kate is a motivational leader and coach with over 33 years of experience in facilitating organisational design, development and transition for a broad range of companies, sectors and individuals. Kate is focused on helping companies understand that people are their greatest asset and in cultivating the environment and culture that enables leaders to raise their performance and deliver sustainable change. She also holds a wealth of board experience and is especially adept at venturing constructive challenges and building strong relationships between the executives and non-executives of a board.

Kate has a successful track record of working with a variety of stakeholders, to identify solutions to problems and implement strategies and operational plans - focused on the environment and culture that enables them to raise their performance and deliver sustainable change. She has a proven track record across a broad range of sectors and disciplines, developing strategic roadmaps for outstanding organisations including the University of York (a member of the Russell Group), Huntsman, ICI and British Rowing.

Kate DDP
Did you know?

Research has told us for many years that organisations whose leadership create a working environment and culture that embrace differences are more successful in attracting the talent they need to achieve success through innovation. 

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