Healthcare Strategic Leadership Programme

Accredited to a CMI Level 7 in Strategic Leadership


The CMI Level 7 accredited Healthcare Strategic Leadership Programme will enable individuals to assimilate strategy into positive action.

This 3-day programme is built upon a highly strategic and progressive framework; designed to accelerate personal leadership practice, and increase resilience and reactivity to the transformative challenges currently facing the health sector. Implementing innovative change into their organisation’s clinical, operational, and financial practices.

This programme is suitable for professionals from both private and public services, this training unifies key themes within healthcare, business, and academia to provide a comprehensive overview of strategic leadership and its practical implementation within health services.

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17/09/2024 - 19/09/2024
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Responding to timely issues challenging healthcare providers, this programme aims to inspire individuals to achieve wide-reaching and impactful change by innovating their leadership practice. Unifying key themes within healthcare, business and academia, the programme will offer individuals a comprehensive oversight of current and future obstacles facing the sector and inspire the resilience to overcome them.

How will I benefit?

This programme is suitable for professionals working within both the private and public health sectors who are eager to broader the impact of their leadership by applying strategy. Designed for newly-appointed leaders or those more experienced seeking a senior position, the programme offers an innovative view on methods of leadership intended to create inclusive, efficient, and compassionate organisational cultures.

Course Themes and Topics

This programme breaks down leadership into distinct stages over the duration of the three days. Defining the individual as a compassionate and strategic leader, applying this to the immediate team and building resilient systems within colleagues and finally within the organisation and utilising systematic and collaborative approaches to enable wider-reaching and more efficient impact.

CMI Level 7 Accreditation

A CMI Level 7 Accreditation is a nationally recognised addition to your professional status, synonymous with high quality and excellence. This programme is built upon a highly strategic and progressive framework; designed to accelerate personal leadership practice, and increase resilience and reactivity to the transformative challenges currently facing the health sector. A Level 7 certificate focuses on organisational strategy and is an ideal primer for those aiming for (or already in) a senior role, directly contributing to generating positive outcomes.

Recognising of self as a strategic, compassionate leader.

  • Defining authentic and effective strategic leadership for future-focused healthcare
  • Developing personal resilience to facilitate effective leadership in VUCA environments
  • Exploring individual values, and drivers and how they inform approaches to leadership
  • Introducing strategic health partnerships
  • Building self-awareness to act as a strategic, inclusive, and effective leader
  • Developing a personal leadership brand and modelling the way
  • Considering the role and fit of the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework and (aspects of) NHS Healthcare Leadership Model

Applying a strategy to the immediate team(s). Building well-being and resilience within colleagues for positive outcomes.

  • Strategic design of functional, compassionate, and high-quality teams in delivering patient care
  • Exploring approaches for developing commitment to continued professional development at all levels
  • Using coaching and mentoring approaches to build growth mindset teams, and build personal and organisational efficacy
  • Enhancing leadership impact by facilitating open communication and collaboration across services
  • Importance of regional and national networks of support, care departments and upholding their social responsibility – working to reduce health inequality and improve outcomes for all

Applying systematic collaborative approaches to enable broader and more efficient impact. Inspiring sustainable and innovative organisational and cultural changes.

  • Exploration and deployment of strategic tools that enable diagnosis of personal and organisational values alignment
  • Building cultures of well-being, and resilience at all levels of the organisation
  • Taking an organisational and systematic approach to work, utilising resources, and collaborative practice to achieve excellence
  • Governance of health systems
  • Developing targeted recovery strategies when advocating for equitable and optimal access
  • Sustaining aligned individual and organisational goals: working towards inclusive, collaborative, and high-functioning systems
  • Connecting service strategy with individual objectives
  • Strategic use of resources – expanding primary care to improve local health outcomes, and access, and work to tackle health inequality
  • Effecting positive change through service redesign – contextualised by points within the NHS Long Term Plan (implementing digitally-enabled care/ community care/ local funding and inequality)
  • Improve ability to develop, create and implement strategic change within the health sector
  • Understand leadership styles, challenges relating to change and how these can be applied to the health service
  • Governance of health systems and their social determinants
  • Facilitate greater collaboration across services and systems of care
  • Increase personal resilience to meet the demands of senior leadership, drive progress and inspire inclusive patient-centred care
  • Opportunity to build a network with like-minded innovative leaders
  • Practical tools to bring about impactful change within your team(s) to increase morale and patient experience
  • Apply methods of health financing, cost planning and public-private partnerships
  • Focused debate and reflection on case studies and best practice examples
  • Gain confidence in decision-making and addressing uncertain scenarios

For newly appointed leaders aspiring to make a meaningful change in their team. For experienced leaders looking to consolidate and further innovate their practice; this programme will empower Healthcare professionals within both the private and public sectors to broaden the impact of their leadership by applying strategy. Enabling professionals to improve resilience and create inclusive, efficient, and compassionate organisational cultures. 

Keith Straughan

Following a successful executive career in business and education, Keith is now a highly sought-after executive coach and consultant - with a portfolio of business and consulting roles leveraging technical innovation and entrepreneurial approaches.

Keith’s academic background spans world-leading universities, non-traditional university models and further education. He has an extensive teaching record and wide-ranging research interests encompassing digital healthcare, diagnostic imaging, education technology and smart cities.

Keith currently holds Professorships in Digital Healthcare (Vienna), International Education (Kuala Lumpur) and Design Engineering (London).

From his university work, Keith has spun out five companies; founded an additional three and served as a non-executive director for a further eight. He has run his own consultancy for over thirty years, leading him to roles with the UK Department of Health, the Government of Myanmar as well as supporting senior leaders in education, Fortune 500, SMEs and start-ups.


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