CMI Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management for Sales Leaders

Certified by the Chartered Management Institute

Course Overview

Created in collaboration with employers, CMI qualifications are designed to provide learners with the tools, support and guidance needed to take on any professional challenge. The CMI Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management programme has been tailored specifically for Sales Leaders. This training programme will give you a broader knowledge of the fundamental management theories and models to best improve your practical management abilities.

The CMI Level 5 Certificate accreditation is designed for practising managers and those aspiring to senior management who want to develop their core leadership skills. As soon as you start your CMI Leadership and Management course, you will develop valuable competencies and knowledge that you can put into practice when you return to the office in your management role. You will also enhance and refine your current skillset.

On successful completion of the CMI assignments following attendance on our programme, the learner will have a nationally recognised accredited qualification which will benefit you and future employers.

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Face-to-face and Virtual
13/11/2023 - 16/11/2023
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  • Breeding success through maximising your most valuable resource.
  • Understanding self and others to enable reliable connection leading to growth and target achievement in line with defined objectives for leader, team and organisation.
  • In a world of different personalities and communication styles, we address how we will ensure forecast results through team engagement. Exploring personal uniqueness, how we are all wired differently and how to take maximum advantage from this.
  • Leadership. What does it mean and how do we look upon it. Exploring different leadership styles.
  • Examine Communication Styles and how assure connection and rapport via personality profiling exercise.
  • Coaching Leadership. Exploring coaching techniques and the benefits of ‘growing’ over ‘telling’. GROW
  • What is our start point. Where are we now, both personally and professionally; a position to calibrate where to begin from.
  • What step-shifts are necessary to achieve our targets.
  • Securing the PLAN, VISIBILITY and TOOLS to navigate to the next level.
  • Strategy Deployment. On a company level and on a team, level are we aligned with the bigger picture.
  • KPI’s versus Targets. The importance of knowing the difference and how they can guide us to success.
  • What obstacles should we expect and how to mitigate.
  • WASTE -(Muda). How shall we work to eliminate it from our daily work.
  • VALUE - What are our key values that our customers will pay for and alternatively what do we do out of business necessity.

‘Target achieved’ does not come from the last day of order entry in each period - It comes from being on track and in control throughout. We live in a VUCA world and even the best plans will face unexpected twists. A wise leader will have an ability to spot early when gaps are appearing or when the landscape is changing. A brilliant leader will act instantly to close the gap with proven tools.

  • Visibility-Are we on track or off track and how can we make this easily spottable. If we are off track, what are we doing about it?
  • Challenges make us stronger. Cultivating an attitude of curiosity to when things are not working and a positive approach to fixing them.
  • Problem Solving. An in-depth look at the how world leading companies see defects as the ‘candy’ that we should celebrate and address at ROOT CAUSE to make our business stronger.
  • The Sales Process. Mapping it out and building in greater efficiency.
  • Building FLOW. Exploring the importance of having a fast-moving sales pipeline. Efficient conversion trumps activity and being ‘busy’ every time.

Putting what we have learned into practice.

  • The Sales Zone - How does Sales fit into your organisation how does it impact on other parts of the business.
  • Understanding SILO thinking and how to guard against it by promoting collaboration.
  • Measurable development proposal
  • Personal development plan
  • Team development plan
  • The Science of Communication and Presenting our Master Plan to foster stakeholder collaboration.
  • Final coaching/feedback

This programme will help you to develop the qualities needed to lead and manage individuals and teams and will provide you with a broader knowledge to help you be more effective in specific management areas. Following the completion of this programme, you will be equipped with a fully comprehensive bank of the skills and knowledge to deliver aims and objectives in line with your business’ organisational strategy.

The CMI Level 5 Certificate accreditation is designed for practising managers and those aspiring to senior management who want to develop their core leadership skills. 

Assessment and Accreditation  

The Assessment and Accreditation process follows the completion of the three modules and will focus on the practical assessment of the core competencies. Assessment is via practical work-based assignments which ensure minimal time away from work and that you undertake work study which is relevant to your own organisation’s context.

On-campus Training

Salford Professional Development training facilities is located in Greater Manchester, just outside the city centre on The University of Salford campus at Adelphi House.

If you prefer face-to-face learning methods, receive personal one-to-one support from expert tutors and enjoy networking with like-minded professionals, our on-campus training cohorts may be the best option for you.

Online Classroom

This programme offers virtual classroom learning dates to best suit those who have busy work/life schedule, are located outside of the United Kingdom or outside of the Northwest of the UK area and prefer online learning methods and networking.

In-House and Tailored Training

Our in-house and bespoke training options are perfect for organisations who are looking to upskill a group of professionals and prefer to have the training delivered on site from their location. We also offer the option to tailor course content to match the groups real life experiences they will face in their role and industry.

Did You Know?

of managers agreed their CMI qualification improved their performance, by transferring their new skills to the workplace.
of managers say that taking a management qualification has resulted in increased professional recognition.

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