DiscreteHeat: Championing Sustainability at the GMCC Excellence Awards 2023

Published by Amber Needham
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DiscreteHeat: Championing Sustainability at the GMCC Excellence Awards 2023

Recently, the Salford Professional Development (SPD) team had the pleasure of attending the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce 2023 Excellence Awards. We are proud to have sponsored the ‘Sustainable Solution of the Year’ Award, which recognises exceptional efforts in developing and implementing sustainable practices. The Award is for initiatives that effectively address environmental challenges, reduce carbon footprint, and promote eco-friendly practices.

The GMCC Excellence Awards are a testament to the thriving business ecosystem within Greater Manchester. As a vital initiative by the Chamber, the awards play a pivotal role in acknowledging and honouring the significant contributions and successes of member organisations across the region. Designed to spotlight the resilience and accomplishments of businesses, leaders and teams, the awards serve as a platform to celebrate those who have excelled and made positive impacts in their communities. They not only uplift and motivate those who are honoured, but also inspire a culture of excellence and innovation throughout the Greater Manchester business landscape and are a chance to gather and celebrate these accomplishments.

SPD is passionate about sustainability and, as a subsidiary of the University of Salford, our mission is to educate the next generation of modern industrialists, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Previously, the University held a ‘Salford Conversations Go Green!’ event to discuss climate change, alongside committing to becoming a low carbon institution, and driving change to support and develop our Environmental Sustainability Plan. Our vision is to recognise our responsibility for the direct impact on the environment and demonstrate our environmental sustainability through our operations.

There were many amazing applicants for the GMCC Awards and the Sustainability winners were DiscreteHeat, a family-owned business in Atherton. DiscreteHeat has created a transformative approach to sustainable heating in ThermaSkirt, which acts as both a heating system and a decorative skirting board, providing functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. ThermaSkirt reduces energy consumption and heating costs, which furthers its efficiency in being a sustainable solution. The company’s innovation highlights the impact transformative businesses can have on the environment by integrating sustainability into their products and services. The success of such initiatives not only reduces carbon footprints, but also sets a precedent for others to follow in the pursuit of a more sustainable world.

The judge’s comments on DiscreteHeat were ‘The ThermaSkirt product from DiscreteHeat is very impressive, providing a solution to the need for a renewable energy solution in the heating of buildings, both new-build and retrofit. As well as having a huge potential market, DiscreteHeat demonstrated they have a very effective offering.’. It is evident from this that the commitment of DiscreteHeat as a business is an inspiration for the Greater Manchester community to strive for excellence in sustainable practices.

The award was presented by SPD’s Training and Development consultant, Paul Hardy, who commented:

Salford Professional Development is very pleased to have sponsored the ‘Sustainable Solution of the Year’ category in the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce 2023 Excellence Awards. The GMCC Awards is a fantastic opportunity to recognise Greater Manchester businesses and their commitment to long-term sustainability through their positive contributions towards a greener future. We congratulate DiscreteHeat on their well-deserved success. All the award entrants were impressive, and we look forward to seeing how they take their businesses forward in the years ahead.’

We at SPD feel privileged to have supported the GMCC 2023 Excellence Awards, showcasing the remarkable achievements of businesses like DiscreteHeat, and underscoring the critical role played by GMCC in acknowledging and celebrating the successes of organisations. As we note the achievements of DiscreteHeat and all the other incredible participants, we look forward to a future where green initiatives become the norm and we can continue to build a sustainable legacy for future generations.


Championing Sustainability at the GMCC Excellence Awards 2023