Mini MBA's: Are They Right For You?

Published by Amber Needham
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Mini MBA's: Are They Right For You?

What is a Mini MBA?

A Mini MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a short academic introductory programme that overviews the basics of business administration or other topics in detail. They are perfect to learn more and home in on a specific topic with the academic backing, they also are ideal for those considering a full time MBA to give them more of an insight into the course.

What are the benefits of Mini MBA’s?

Mini MBAs are not only extremely valuable to students and business professionals alike, but they also suit a variety of different needs.

  • They give students the opportunity to enhance their CV and career opportunities following completion, without committing to the longer hours of the full MBA.
  • Mini MBA’s are also shorter hours meaning delegates can be flexible and find a course that suits them.
  • Mini MBA’s are the best way to boost your skills and increase employability.

What is the difference between a Mini MBA vs MBA?

The MBA was developed by Harvard Business School in 1908 and is designed for professionals to enhance their skills and is ideal for those wanting to progress in their career. The MBA is a prestigious degree which has a lot of value to employers and takes between 18 months and 3 years to complete.

A Mini MBA is a condensed version of an MBA and takes approximately 40 hours to complete. It is a non-degree version of an MBA but offers an insight into topics covered in the MBA across a shorter time. In addition to this it is only a fraction of the cost of a full MBA.

Here at Salford Professional Development, we offer Mini MBA’s in Business Leadership, Digital Innovation and Built Environment Project Management. Developed with Salford Business School to meet the demands of today’s current and aspiring global business leaders, the Mini MBAs aim to give a deep insight into the professional environment. To find out more about the courses we offer click below.


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