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NHS England have set out an ambitious three-year plan back in February 2022, aimed at tackling the surgical backlog that has reached a record high following the pandemic. With a major milestone on the horizon to reduce wait times over a year by March 2025, we take a look at the progress being made and how trusts around the country are collaborating in order to drive down waiting times.

Join Salford Professional Development for their 9th annual conference where industry leading speakers from all corners of the healthcare sector will come together to dive into captivating discussions on the key issues operating theatres are currently facing, alongside how they are driving innovation and utilising technology to support their practices.

Hear unravelling insights on how to enhance sustainability, boost surgery productivity, amplify effectiveness, and work together in order to drive down the surgical backlog, ensuring a person-centred approach. This isn't just theory – it's practical wisdom you can immediately apply to your own surgical team.

Case study examples and our panel of experts will illustrate how teams have transformed their practice and brought innovative solutions into play such as the HVLC delivery, GIRFT, Robotics and Sustainability action plans, and how they are tackling challenges facing the trusts theatres and beyond.

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AJ Bell Stadium
8/02/2024 - 8/02/2024
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Learning Outcomes

  • Review how surgical hubs and operating theatre efficiencies are driving down the surgical backlog, and how the NHS are tracking against their 3-year plan to combat long waiting lists
  • Describe and understand how Human Factors can affect the delivery of the Surgical Safety Checklist
  • Provide an insight into how innovative project management enables teams to simplify processes and deliver improvements.
  • To evaluate the impact and succession of an executed operating theatre green initiative plan
  • To understand how the three pillars of sustainability play a role in operating theatres
  • To be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how robotics and innovative technology are reshaping the surgical landscape through a panel discussion.
  •  Gain valuable insights and practical tools to create a more supportive and nurturing environment within the operating theatre for staff’s wellbeing.

Agenda 2024


Registration, Refreshments Exhibition and Networking


Opening Remarks from the Chair

Mark Rigby
Mark Rigby
Head of Theatre Services, Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Keynote Session: Reducing the Surgical Backlog


Improving Operating Theatre Efficiency through Innovative Project Management

  • Insight into the application of innovative Project management skills within the clinical practice
  • How to simplify processes and deliver improvements in operating efficiencies with better workflows
  • Achieving alignment with the National Pathway Improvement Programme
  • Enable the development of local HVLC delivery plans
  • Improving session utilisation with a focus on improving quality, safety and productivity with a strong focus on the patient pathway
Jay Sooknah
Ajay Sooknah
Head of Operations for Surgery, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust


Sponsored Session - Bender UK

Senior Representative
Bender UK


Refreshments, Exhibition and Networking


Qualitative research results from across NHS England regarding the W.H.O surgical safety checklist.

  • Following the launch of NatSSIPs (2) on the 23rd of January 2023, we look at if the guidance is clear, and will it lead to a drop in intraoperative Never Events
  • Discussion on the findings from the Delphi study regarding the surgical safety checklist
  • What do NHS England theatre Managers/Matrons/Educators believe are the main reasons why Never Events in the operating theatre keep occurring?
  • Exploring what the W.H.O and NHS England could do to improve the SSC thus reducing Never Events
  • Discuss NHS funding to upskill staff on the non-technical skills required to help deliver the SSC
Nigel Roberts
Nigel Roberts
Head Theatre Practitioner (Head of Nursing), Birmingham Women’s and Childrens NHS Foundation Trust


Sponsored Session - Incision

Senior Representative


Movement to seminars


Seminar stream


  • Reducing Surgical Site Infection


  • Patient Safety


Lunch, exhibition and networking


Panel Discussion: Supporting faster recoveries and better outcomes through the use of Robotics and Innovative Technology


Greener Theatres and Environmental issues affecting Clinical Services

  • Successes and challenges of Greener operating theatre initiatives 
  • Impacts of sustainable practices to NHS Trusts
  • Achieving net zero in healthcare 
  • The sustainability journey at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust in the green strategic plan
Janet Smith
Janet Smith
Head of Sustainability, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust


Refreshments, exhibition and networking


Protecting Staff Wellbeing


The Three Pillars of Sustainability 

Nikki Stroud
Sustainability SIG Lead, AFPP


Closing Remarks from the Chair

Mark Rigby
Mark Rigby
Head of Theatre Services, Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Who Should Attend?

Operating Theatre Technicians, Surgeons, Operating Theatre Practitioners, Anaesthetists, Theatre Team Leaders, Theatre Managers, Theatre Directors, Surgical Care Practitioners, Surgical Assistants, First Assistant to the Surgeons, Healthcare Assistants, Theatre Support Workers, Assistant Practitioners, Hospital Operating Theatre Porters, Healthcare Assistants, Commissioning Heads, Heads of NHS, Directors of Public Health, Heads of Public Engagement, Directors of Commissioning, Heads of National/Regional Public Health Groups, Heads of Treatment and Prevention , Directors of Strategic Development.

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