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Taught course fees and funding

Tuition fees

As a postgraduate student you will pay annual tuition fees to the University. Our fees vary from course to course and on the type of study you choose. Fees can either be paid in full or by instalments. For individual course fees please use our Course Finder search.

Scholarships and discounts

If you have a 2:1 honours degree or equivalent you will automatically be awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Excellence scholarship when you begin your Masters course at Salford. This will be assessed during the admissions process and there is no need to make a separate application. Amounts available are as outlined below.        

  • £1,500 tuition fee discount (all masters courses)          
  • £4,000 tuition fee discount for the MBA programme          

For 2017/18 applications received after the 30th June 2017: The Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship cannot be combined with the Loyalty Discount.        

  • This international scholarship is worth £4,000 if you take The Salford MBA, MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering or MSc Gas Engineering and Management          
  • This scholarship is worth £3,000 when you take any other course. The amount is dependent on the course fees.          
  • For further details and the criteria visit: international scholarships and bursaries

Our Loyalty Discount Scheme is a great way to save you money if you take an undergraduate course at the University of Salford and decide to move onto a postgraduate programme of study.        

If you complete an eligible course UK/EU and International graduates will receive 25% discount off the tuition fee.        

For 2017/18 entry for applications received after the 30th June 2017: The Loyalty Discount cannot be combined with other eligible awards. If you are eligible for more than one option you will receive the highest value award.        


  • University of Salford graduates from level 6 (BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), BEng (Hons), LLB (Hons), MChem, MEnv, MPhys, Grad Dip) or level 7 (Masters) or level 8 (Doctoral) courses          
College of Science and Technology Bursary (for international students)
This award is for international students who have a 2:2 honours degree or equivalent and join a Masters course at Salford in the area of science and technology. Students will automatically be awarded a bursary of £1,000. Students do not need to submit a separate application to receive this award as it will be assessed during the admissions process.            

For further details and the criteria visit: international scholarships and bursaries

This bursary is worth £1,000 and is offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate taught programme applicants who meet the eligibility criteria.          

For further details and the criteria visit: international scholarships and bursaries

Postgraduate loans

Introduced in 2016, the Postgraduate loans for Master’s students have been revised for 2017 entry, with slightly amended eligibility criteria, and an increase in the amount available to £10,280.

For Master’s courses beginning on or after August 1st 2017 Home/EU students aged under 60 are able to borrow up to £10,280 towards overall course costs (including tuition fees, accommodation and living costs).

Loans are available for taught and research courses in all subject areas subject to meeting the eligibility criteria set out below.        

Apply for your loan

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a loan students must meet the below individual and course criteria:        

  • Home/EU student under 60 years of age          
  • Home residents to have resided in England for a minimum of three years prior to the start of the programme.          
  • EU students to have resided in the EU for three years (not for educational purposes) prior to the start of the programme.          
  • Please note acceptance of Accreditation of Prior Learning may affect the duration of your programme of study and therefore you may not be eligible to apply for a Postgraduate Student Loan.  Please seek advice prior to submitting an application. For further details see the postgraduate loan section on the Government's website.

Eligible Master’s courses will be taught, research, distance learning or professional Master’s courses across all disciplines either:        

  • Full-time courses no longer than 2 years
  • Part-time courses no longer than 4 years

The loans are only available for full Master qualifications so are not available for:        

  • PG Certificates and PG Diplomas in any subjects          
  • Single modules.          

Please note that students undertaking Masters programme through Robert Kennedy College are not eligible to apply for postgraduate loan funding.

Full details on the loan and eligibility can be found on the postgraduate loan overview page.

Repayment of Loans

  • Loans will be subject to an interest rate of RPI+3% and repayments begin April 2019.
  • Repayments will be income-contingent and made concurrently with undergraduate loans
  • Rates will be set at 6% of annual income over £21,000.

Bursary competitions

A number of other public and non-governmental organisations hold annual bursary competitions. In some instances, the money is available for study anywhere; in others, you may be required to apply for study at a specific University or in a specific country.

Part-time work

If you want to earn some extra cash while you are studying then our Job Shop will provide you with access to thousands of jobs every year. Remember though while earning money is important you will need to keep the right balance between work and study so talk to your personal tutor to find the right balance for your subject area.

Professional career development loan

We are a Professional and Career Development Loans registered Learning Provider, registration number [5092]. A Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial bank loan that you can use to help pay for work-related learning. For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit  the GOV.UK website or contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900.

Postgraduate funding guide

More information about funding further studies is available on the university's Careers website.

Prospects produce a useful funding guide to postgraduate study which can be found in the University library or ordered directly from the Prospects website. There is also a wealth of information on funding your further study on the Prospects website